Only a handful of shows this year but wanted to do an early announce: this fall Nov 10th in PDX we’re doing a special benefit concert for @dogoodmultnomah a fantastic group that provides shelter and housing for homeless veterans. We know about this group’s mission directly since @ericeearley has gotten involved working at one of their shelters, we’re stoaked to be a part of the solution!! Tickets go up today for @revolutionhall

April 03, 2019

Last chance to get the Kid’s Album! Don’t miss out - order now - do it!👊🎶👊💥

March 11, 2019

All love to those that came out on our final Furr tour of the eon… an honor to play these songs for ten years, to find connection.. and when I come back in my next life as an ancient Eocene canid I hope we’ll all be running in the same pack…💕🐺 📸@la_isla_anita

November 20, 2018

As the gentle gods of soft rock attempt to decipher the parapraxis of the nightly botched lyrics of @ericeearley they pause and wonder at the large armpit hole in his shirt, is there a deeper meaning?.. surely there is a dimensional timeline wherein their entourage includes a seamstress..
capture by @dangermaus

October 14, 2018

Excited to be doing our thing in Chicago tonight @lh_schubas !!! Playing all of Furr+other favs and deep group therapy⚡🐯⚡

September 25, 2018

So stoked to have this dbl LP reissue come out today! via @subpop with a horde of unreleased stuff from the vault, 10 years ago this record allowed us to play shows and meet folks all over the place and it’s a beautiful thing that people still seem to connect with the songs and find meaning in all the dark weirdness, thanks to all the fans who have supported us and we want to see you all out on the road this fall!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

September 14, 2018

10-year AnniFURRsary 2XLP is out in the WILD

feeling those autumnal color vibes…

order this limited LOSER edition from us here:

September 11, 2018

Always love you Missoula Montana!! Ethereal bioluminescent capture by @neubauer_media 📸📸

September 07, 2018

@subpop is releasing this moody little gem today from the archives, part of the Furr reissue bonus album!!
Also just added on a Vancouver, B.C. show Sept 15 @commodoreballroom !!

September 07, 2018

First leg of Furr anniversary tour coming up fast! Super excited to see everybody and jam out!! Hometown rockers @candaceisaband joining us for these dates starting out, lots of love!!

August 28, 2018