Beachland Ballroom

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
Cleveland, OH

lynnanddarren 08/08/11

presale ?

steve mock 09/14/11


marty 09/15/11

Very nice Steve!

steve mock 09/15/11

Thanks, Marty! See you then. Pumped.

OCDBT4ME 09/18/11

Thanks, Steve!  See you in Cleveland!!

OCDBT4ME 10/26/11

Hey Steve, do you plan to sell prints of this via the Capital A website?  I would LOVE to have a copy...

steve mock 10/26/11

Oh yeah. They'll be online after the show.

But you'll be there, right? I will have them on hand. I'll save you one.

OCDBT4ME 11/02/11

Absolutely fantastic show, guys!  And a near perfect mix by the sound guy, too.  Thanks so much for including Cleveland in your tour.  Can't wait 'til next time!  Be safe on the road!

OCDBT4ME 11/02/11

And to anyone that missed out on Steve's amazing posters at the show, you can pick one up via his website very soon:

While you're there, check out all his other top quality posters.  We're talking afforadable, collectable art here, folks!


tphornet57 11/02/11

Excellent show, the cover of Good Times Bad Times was epic. And Steve those posters were amazing, however they sold out before I came back from buying a beer! I was so bummed, but im glad I looked here to see that you have a website!

otisarungus 11/02/11

Great show. My recording sounds perfect, I'll try to have it up by the weekend. 

OCDBT4ME 11/02/11

That's great news, Otis!!  Thanks!


steve mock 11/02/11

Rockin' show indeed. Lot of love in that room. (And ovulation apparently.) I've never, ever seen anybody whack a cowbell as hard as Marty. That was utterly ballistic.

You guys all share the same harmonica, right?

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