Stuyvesant Town Oval

Saturday, July 14th, 2012
New York, NY

Concerts on the Oval - FREE!

Eric Danger Palmer 04/09/12

sweet deal

rudolph trapper 04/09/12


Katie Cameron 04/09/12

Yay yay yay yay. Yay.

pppatticake 04/10/12

How excellent, all ages, free trapperfest summer nyc--sweeeeet!

Russell Coleman 07/05/12

What time is this?

rudolph trapper 07/14/12

they better let me in even tho im not a "resident" or heads will roll!

gatorbutts 09/14/12
gatorbutts 09/14/12

Adding setlist link not working, but here it is: 

[Total Time 1:09:22]
01 [introduction]
02 Astronaut
03 Hey Joe
04 Party Jam
05 Sleepytime in the Western World
06 Texaco
07 Love the Way
08 Takin it Easy
09 God and Suicide
10 Goldwing
11 Lady on the Water
12 Furr
13 Silver Moon
14 Black River Killer
15 Fletcher
16 Evening Star
17 Wild Mountain Nation
18 Gold for Bread
19 Jericho
20 Big Black Bird

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