Tralf Music Hall

Friday, October 4th, 2013
Buffalo, NY

w/ Phox

Julie Ann Schultze 07/30/13


Jamieson 10/10/13

1. Love the way you walk away

2. God & suicide

3. Valley of death - loved seeing everyone sing on this and mvp on harmonica

4. American goldwing

5. Sleepytime in the western world

6. Thirsty man - stupid good solos happening on this

7. Feel the chill

8. Might find it cheap

9. Jericho

10. Heart attack - 

11. Don't be a stranger - the banjo come out for this one and sounds so sweet

12. Earth (fever called love) - mooooooooog

13. Lady on the water

14. Black river killer

15. Astronaut

16. Furr

17. Shine on

18. Fletcher


Stranger in a strange land

Not your lover

Wild mountain nation

Miss spiritual tramp

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