3 Year Old Aussie Kid Diggin' BT

Bully 8/1/12

Thought I would share with you guys a funny little story my wife told me yesterday.

Our 3 year old boy Gus went to Playgroup in the town we live in here in Australia and there were no toys out due to a mum forgetting the keys to the toy cupboard, so they all decided to sing songs to pass the time.

They staretd off with I'm A Little Teapot and Incy Wincy Spider, all the usual playgroup gems, then the crowd fell silent and our little 3 year old Gus suggests to the group

"I know, let's sing Blitzen Trapper.... yeah, let's sing the Dragon Song... so he starts singing make your way to the beat of the drum"... over and over, my wife, is laughing so decides to join in with him and they start groovin.

The rest of the mums and kids just looked on with a blank expression which said "Who the hell is Blitzen Trapper and what are these guys on about".

Funny stuff! Needless to say Gus is a massive Blitzen Trapper fan, along with his mummy and daddy!

rudolph trapper 8/1/12

awesome story!!! i have an 18 month old & i have been brainwashing him into loving this band his whole life. haha. so far hes been to 2 bt shows, 1 in the womb & 1 recently outside @ stuytown oval here in nyc where i went to the front of the stage, held him up & offered for sacrifice. (thankfully no takers).

cant wait til hes old enough to start retaining the songs & singing them. for now ill have to settle for dancing & head bobbing. wish bt made kids tshirts. rock on!!!

OCDBT4ME 8/1/12

Such wonderful stories of the next generation of Trapper Keepers!!  Imagine how much they'll love listening to BT when they're older since the music will always have such warm, loving connotations for them! My 9 year old son's fav is the Jew's Harp part at the end of Street Fightin' Sun. I actually had to buy him one for Christmas so he could learn to play it. I had to hide it after he almost shattered his two front teeth!

Bully - make sure you play "New Shoes" for Gus and the rest of his mates. 

Rudolph - buy one of the BT patches for sale on this site and sew it to a toddler T-shirt. :)

Bully 8/2/12

Kids Tees are a must I think!

Gus likes rockin' out to the start of Street Fightin' Sun, I don't think he has matured to appreciate the conclusive harp solo!

Keep those kids rockin!

munichhilton 8/2/12

Must be something about kids.

Our 4 year old has driven us crazy by walking around the house going about his 4 year old business while at the top of his 4 year old lungs chirping 'Maybe Baby Check Your Head' over and over as he doesn't seem to know the rest.

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