A fun game....

music_addict 10/3/13

i thought it might be fun to try this...list 20 songs you would put on a Blitzen Trapper Best Of mix cd (or playlist). 

Destroyer of The Void

American Goldwing

The Tailor

Black River Killer

The Man Who Would Speak True

The Tree

Asleep For DaysLove The Way 


My Hometown

Taking It Easy

Dont Be A Stranger

Thirsty Man


Dragon Song


Preacher Sisters Boy

Laughing Lover

Might Find It Cheap

Stranger In A Strange Land

mojobaby75 10/3/13

I don't think 20 is enough...

gatorbutts 10/4/13

apple trees

pink padded slippers

asleep for days

sci-fi kid

silver moon

big black bird


war is placebo

stolen shoes & a rifle

ballad of the burning tongue

big adventure

wild mountain nation

ballad of bird love

echo/always on/ez con

boss king

cool love #1

miss spiritual tramp

the green king sings

crushing the wheat


junglelove 10/4/13

a 2hr jam of "thirsty man"


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