Are Marty, Erik, and Michael not in the band any longer?

Matth 5/7/21
Just watched the livestream and noticed the absence of Marty, Erik, and Michael. Does anyone know if they are not in the band any longer? This would be really sad if this were true
Please tell me it’s not so!!
J Love 5/11/21
techrq 5/12/21
I hope that they are. Every time I’ve seen them live they’ve been fantastic. 
J Love 5/14/21
Lets be honest - the finances mean it is always a part time job. The crap rates Spotify etc pay can't sustain a career as a musician unless you are filling stadiums.

Add in Covid and no band is sustainable. You can see this in the growing rise of the solo artist over bands.

Sad times.
Lubenow 5/7/22
Nope, two new guys to replace three essential parts of that band. No disrespect to Brian but I feel like I saw an Erik Earley solo show. And J Love makes an excellent point, Earley writes everything so publishing royalties are all him AND I think he plays everything on most if not all the records so no performer royalties for anyone else either. Not faulting him for that at all, it’s the way he’s operated from the start. It’s just that no one else made any money at all unless they toured. After two years of not being able to do that Marty, Erik and Michael probably just had to find other shit to do. Hell, Eric doesn’t even make enough off it
techrq 5/9/22
That’s a shame. I thought they had great chemistry when playing live together. Maybe the pandemic forced the other guys into other careers that they are now committed to. 
J Lurve 5/15/22
The new album doesn’t really fit in with the old band tbh - not many rocking bangers on it. Shame - but be happy that it happened not that it’s over.

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