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Matt 12/19/08

For the last couple shows with Malkmus and company on this last tour, the BT guys got up on stage at the end and jammed out some covers. Some kind soul was awesome enough to record the songs at the 11/6/08 show at the Gothic Theater in Englewood, CO. Here are the links:

Funk #49 (mp3) -- James Gang cover
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (mp3) -- Whitfield & Strong cover

(The second one is really big because it's encoded at 320kbps -- the first one is at 160)

Someone also videotaped Funk #49 the first time they played it, in St. Louis on 11/1/08:

tanner 12/31/08

anyone know who's knocking my socks off with the solo on grapevine?

Band Member
marty 12/31/08

Earley and Malkmus were trading solos.

walkinjingle 1/13/09

Anyone know if Trapper will be doing this one at all without Malkmus and company. This is such a great sounding James Gang cover and I know Eric could totally sing it.

junglelove 11/18/13

Bump - anyone know a source for the grapevine jam ?

Jamieson 11/22/13

 here you go  MVP posted it in the cover tunes wishlist thread

junglelove 11/25/13

"Sorry! We can't find that track"

Linky no worky :(

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michael.james 11/26/13

Oh sorry! I had to disable it so it didn't play in the widget thingy crap on our website. But here it is:

junglelove 12/3/13

Bingo - cheers Michael !!

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