oliflemo 12/8/11

I know its a longshot but i was wondering if you guys had any plans (however vague) to head down to Australia at some point in the near future, saw you last time you came over and it was the best show i've ever been to.  It's been a while and i'd love to hear you guys play some goldwing or destroyer songs

Patrick Young 1/16/12

Byron Bay Bluesfest is confirmed, playing 7th April. Although a sideshow in Brisbane would be awesome.

mfranz 2/28/12

This is great news! And me and my friends are going to surely attend the event!

We have also invited a couple of other blokes from the Asian region and it would be really great if they could come along and be familiar with the craft as well.

I hope that it would not be like how some other bands go out only to cancel the gig on the very last minute.

Band Member
michael.james 2/29/12

There will be no cancelling of shows! We have our plane tickets and we are coming to gitcha Oz!

oliflemo 2/29/12

awesome. I cannot tell you how excited i am. Strongly considering flying from melbourne to sydney to see you guys a second time haha

timcook123 4/23/12

Seen You guys at Bluesfest!!!!  unreal!!

went to see you both times you played!! can't believe there wasn't more people singing along!!

hope you enjoyed playing australias best festival!! hope yas got a chance to check out some great music while you were there!!!

take it easy


Simon Blissett 12/6/12

Hi guys. Enjoying your music a lot! Do you ship merchandise to overseas, as in New Zealand? Cheers, and keep up the great music!

Trapper Team
Sara 12/10/12


We do - order away!

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