Bands you think Blitzen should listen to (for inspirational reasons)

Cammandolando 1/2/10

This is my first topic to start but here it goes.
I believe that bands should listen to music together in order to pull inspiration from others songs. I love Blitzen Trapper as much as anyone else, and there are a few bands that they should listen to and add to there style. Im sure they understand, being musicians and all. for example: Not a very popular band but they are getting there share of fame in Arkansas. There lyrics and grooves are perfect and they each contribute there own style to the band.

Eugenia 1/4/10

I'd suggest for the Trappers to check out these three bands:

- Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros (LA, CA)

They have an "epic", or "cinematic" style on some of their songs, which is an aspect I love. I highly suggest everyone reading this to check their two music videos, which are part of a larger story; when all 12 are finished, it will be released as a musical:
Part 1:
Part 2:
And free, *legal* mp3 downloads by the band:

- Portugal. The Man (Portland, OR)

A retro yet modern rock band. They play a lot of different '60-'70s styles, just like the Trappers, but some of their songs are more dramatic. Again, legal downloads:
"Shade" is my favorite of their songs (and free in the link above).

- Cloud Cult (middle of nowhere, Minnesota)

These guys play music that involve classical instruments, and they blend them together in an experimental, yet very accessible way. Their song "The Tornado Lessons" is the best song for the decade for me. Check the previews from their latest album on iTunes to get a taste of their unique sound:

Nate 1/27/10

I think the New Avett Bros. record, "I and Love and You" is just fantastic. It reminds me of BT...

Can't wait for some new BT!!!

bee73 2/8/10

Listen to Mumford and Sons, a young folkband from London. I saw them perform live, they were brilliant! Quite a big hit in the indie/alternative scene in the UK!

Eugenia 2/18/10

Well, not on Pitchfork apparently: ;-)

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