Beachland Ballroom 11/1/11 SBD

otisarungus about 8 years ago

Great show, great sounding recording. 

Big thanks to the whole crew, especially Sarah. 

blitzface about 8 years ago

Nice work!!  This is a great performance, with such a crisp recording.  Fantastic.  Thanks


Anyone who hasn't downloaded this should jump on it.  BT at their best from the recent tour.  American Goldwing and Hometown from this recording are Superb.   Thanks again

...and Sarah is awesome.

OCDBT4ME about 8 years ago

What a treat this is!!  Thanks so much for posting!  I've downloaded it and will now commence reliving this amazing night in Cleveland...

tphornet57 about 8 years ago

What an awesome show it was, How do I download the songs from this particular website?


Nevermind, I got it!

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