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Iob13055 12/6/17
I did my best to come up with my own personal best-of playlist, but I could only limit myself to cutting it to 30 because I'm weak-willed. I limited it to original songs, so no covers and there's at least 2 songs from every album. I think it'd be cool to have input from members of the band to see if I'm forgetting any great ones or any songs that have some special importance or significance for the band as a whole. Also, 30 is a lot so some help cutting it down to 20ish would be great too.
1. Below the hurricane
2. Feel the chill
3. Wild mountain nation
4. God & suicide
5. Ansel & Emily Desader
6. Thirsty man
7. Your crying eyes
8. Asleep for days
9. Lonesome angel 
10. Ever loved once
11. Big black bird
12. Love the way you walk away
13. Miss spiritual tramp
14. Shine on
15. Black river killer
16. The tailor
17. Might find it cheap
18. Rebel
19. Fletcher
20. Valley of death
21. All across this land
22. Lady on the water
23. 40 stripes
24. The tree
25. Furr
26. When I'm dying
27. The man who would speak true
28. Faces of you
29. Texaco
30. Across the river

Here's a link to the playlist on Spotify:
Band Member
marty 12/11/17
I like this list, good work! What about the new record, though? I think "Rebel" and "Love Live On" would be up there on my own best-of list, also maybe "Baby Won't You Turn Me On." My favorites from the other records:

"Ansel & Emily Desader" is the best song on the debut record, good pick; simple repetitive nursery rhyme stuff with a deceptively dark and heavy arrangement.

"Country Rain" on Field Rexx. A melancholy song that seems ancient, timeless but also specific to a certain time in our lives, when we were getting the band off the ground. Eric taught himself a little fiddle for the final version of this.

"Wild Mountain Nation" basically launched us out of Portland so I will always appreciate this song, plus I love the sentiment, and the production is just ridiculous.

"Sleepytime In The Western World" on Furr. I used to call this song our mission statement. Haven't listened to the recording in a few years but I just love the fanfare to start off the record and the obtuse chord progression, the song within a song, the hallucinatory aspects of it. Also a couple of the fattest guitar solos ever.

"Evening Star" on Destroyer of the Void is a great story and a very interesting harmonic structure. This would be one of the few Blitzen songs that I'd want to cover.

"Astronaut" on American Goldwing. I remember the first time I heard this I was driving home from the studio and I just started weeping, it sounded so beautiful to me and felt like Eric had got right in at my heart with it.

"Valley of Death" on VII. Love the simple arrangement/weird production and the story in this one, kind of a companion piece to "Black River Killer" but more interesting imo.

"Let The Cards Fall" is my favorite on All Across This Land. It's unlike any other Blitzen songs in that it's a sort of pastoral vibe but very uptempo and "synth-laden." I also have fond memories of singing on the studio recording.
junglelove 12/15/17
Missing :

Baby won't you turn me on
Stolen Shoes and a Rifle

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