Big Adventure

Music Saves 9/24/08

Any plans on releasing this song at some point? Surprised it didn't make the album initially, but I can see how it maybe wouldn't have flowed with the rest of Furr. Sounded really good live, and the Daytrotter session was great too. Also, heard their cover of Hey Joe on myspace, which is gone now. I guess I don't check that too often, are there other unreleased songs rotated on there?

Band Member
marty 9/25/08

Big Adventure was recorded once but it didn't sound right so we let it sit. Fun to do live, we'll see if it ever gets released.

There are lots and lots of unreleased songs in the can, we talk about one day issuing a box set. If we ever get around to it that Hey Joe cover will be on there.

Music Saves 9/25/08

Thanks for the info Marty, a box set would be sweet!

OhMyChokingSoul 9/30/08

Make that 2 votes for the box set!


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