Big Adventure - studio

gatorbutts 10/27/11

Oh lords of Trapper, almighty ones - please bestow upon us a lowly mp3 of the Big Adventure track featured in the tour diary in studio form, ne'r heard before, nor available in another proper release.  Have mercy on us, and share with us.

rudolph trapper 10/28/11

word to herb

OCDBT4ME 10/31/11

You mean the one from Episode 2?  Aw, crap.  If Gator doesn't have it in his massive collection, then no one does.  So whaddya say fellas?  Will you take pity on these BT worshippers and bless us with this file?

steve mock 10/31/11
oliflemo 11/8/11

i know its not a studio version but if you wanted a file of the song you can get it from for free along with some other goodies

junglelove 11/12/11

Any word on an American Goldwing Daytrotter session - I guess they have just driven by that way ??

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