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Lubenow 9/7/11

Fantastic burst of work easing tuneage this afternoon! Short but oh so sweet. So you in Petaluma!

winterchrome 9/7/11

Concur...see you Friday.

GrangerLang 9/7/11

Agreed!  New jams sounding great.  And "Yakima is the Salem of Washington" might be the most astute observation I've heard in at least the last week. 

junglelove 9/8/11

Setlist ?

Will it be avail as archive ?

Band Member
michael.james 9/8/11

Setlist for Bing Lounge:

Love The Way You Walk Away



Taking It Easy Too Long



Yes, this should be on their archive in the near future. Will let you know when it's available.

winterchrome 9/9/11

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