Blitzen Trapper "Hey Joe / Skirts on Fire" 7" for Record Store Day

MadisonBTfan almost 8 years ago

Super pumped for this. Already reserved mine at Strictly Discs in Madison, WI. They ship all over, so you can reserve yours too!

GrangerLang almost 8 years ago

HEY JOE!  I remember when that was on their myspace page!  This is exciting!  Exclamation point!

Jamie McPherson over 7 years ago

"Note: A pair of new Blitzen Trapper songs, both exclusive to this 7" on yellow vinyl "

So not a Jimi cover then ??



jeglican over 7 years ago

I hope the local shop gets this in.

MadisonBTfan over 7 years ago

jeglican - Strictly Discs ships, so you can reserve it at the site I linked to if you'd like!

GrangerLang over 7 years ago

Jamie, it is a cover.  They probably just mean 'new' as in 'not previously released'.

Jamie McPherson over 7 years ago

Cheers Granger... maybe they re-recorded - all will no doubt be revealed...

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