Blitzen trapper Live (11/11/09) Melbourne

Bozter 11/11/09

It was a great concert guys you are totally awesome live and you rocked the hi-fi!

Here is some pictures from the concert:

I have a video with furr and i will try to get it up later.

The thing i rly liked about the concert is that you were out with your fans talking and i need to thank Brian that got the whole band together and took a picture with me you rly made my day!

thanks guys for a great show and see you when you get to Sweden next time! :>

Eugenia 11/11/09

Can't wait for the video! Nice pics btw! :)

Hehe... sooo... judging from your pictures, Eric is growing a beard now? Well, let it be noted: I don't particularly like that beard. ;-)

Bozter 11/12/09


you don't like it? haha i loved it i think he looks good in that beard :)

I will try to get the video up as soon as possible.

I found this video on youtube:

Its not my video but its from the same concert and the song is 'Not your lover' but as i said before i will ul furr as soon as possible :)

flyguy 11/13/09

The picture of you and the band is great!

Bozter 11/17/09

Thanks flyguy, as i said it rly made my day im still happy about it as this was my first REAL concert i ever been to with a band i rly liked :)

(i still workin on the furr video)

Bozter 12/20/09

finally here is the video:

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