Blitzen Trapper on KALX this afternoon at 6PM!

Lubenow almost 11 years ago

Hey all,

Word is some of the fellas will be stopping by my regular air show on KALX in Berkeley this afternoon. Maybe spinning some records, maybe an acoustic tune or two. I'll ask 'em if their taxers are done. You can listen at 90.7 FM if yer in the Bay Area or online by clicking here:

Lubenow almost 11 years ago

The whole crew stopped by and did a couple of songs. Sorry it took so long to post about it. Check 'em out:

Trapper Team
Matt almost 11 years ago

This was good times. I got some photos!

Brian working some broom percussion.

Drew making some bold fashion choices -- PONCHO!

Lubenow on the mic!

Trying to come up with a station ID.

Lubenow almost 11 years ago

Cool Matt, it was great meeting you too BTW!

GrangerLang almost 11 years ago

Everyone's looking super-class there! Thanks for putting up the pics, Matt, and Lubenow for putting up the tracks! I missed the first part when it was on, now I can hear at least the song I missed :)

"Drew making some bold fashion choices -- PONCHO!"
Always a classic choice. It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho, after all. Vince Noir says so. It must be true.

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