Blitzen Trapper @ Opera House in Toronto

whitney_p 8/11/10

Hey friends,

Was anyone at the show in Toronto on Aug 3? What did you think?

Here's a review and some great photos to check out.


Jamieson 8/11/10

I was at the Opera House and was thrilled to finally experience their show (came in from Hamilton).  What I immediately noticed was the musicianship of the band, they played all the intricate tasty bits in their songs fluently (at least to my ear) which I loved.  The set list had a mix of material and although I selfishly wanted the band to play Miss Spiritual Tramp, Dreamers & Giants, and Country Caravan ( I was too shy/chicken to shout out one of those songs when Eric asked the crowd for requests, silly me) they basically played the whole Destroyer album which was awesome.  Bittersweet when the show came to a close, so happy to have seen a favorite band and saddened by the fact that even though they have more canadian tour dates it won't be possible to get to those shows.  Damn the geographical vastness of this country! 

p.s.  Avi Buffalo opened and were full of rock goodness, very interesting.  I encourage all to check them out. 

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