Blitzen Trapper Vinyl

Vinylman 12/18/09

Are there vinyl releases for

Blitzen Trapper
Field Rexx

I can only find CD and digital

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Trapper Team
Matt 12/19/09

Hey Vinylman,

Neither of those are currently on vinyl, though we've talked about pressing them up. I was thinking of doing some kind of fan-funded small pressing, possibly via Kickstarter. Are there any others out there who'd be interested in buying vinyl for these first two records?

- matt

NoahA 12/20/09

I would love to have Furr on Vinyl!

absolutyyz 12/20/09

yes please! kick start that sh#t up! count me in.

spikewilbury 12/22/09

I'm in.

Trapper Team
Matt 12/27/09

Awesome, thanks guys. I'll try to get this rolling in the new year.

absolutyyz 12/29/09

i am sure there are tons of people that haven't responded that would scoop these up as well. i am surprised not more have replied =I

spikewilbury 2/3/10

Matt, any progress on this?

Trapper Team
Matt 2/10/10

Sorry, slow going over here, but I have made some progress. I have an account set up on Kickstarter and they've cleared us to create projects. Now I need to get a quote for how much it'll cost to print up the records!

Question: are you guys into 180 gram vinyl? Or is regular vinyl fine?

spikewilbury 2/11/10

Regular vinyl is fine, but I don't mind the upgrade if we want to go all out on this.

Jdixon001 3/8/10

I would love this in vinyl.

frushtrated 6/24/10

Great GOD, man!  If you're going to do it, you gotta do it right.  180 gram!

dustyrider 6/25/10

I'm in.  Count me as a late post.  And I would shoot for 180 gram.

sebalion 6/26/10

i would buy any blitzen trapper on vinyl!.....always love the limited edition vinyl pressings!

KamandiCurt 6/29/10

Yes to a vinyl release for BT's first two albums, yes to Kickstarter, yes to 180 gram. Hell, I'd pledge $200 for this project right now!

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