BT donate song for Patagonia benefit

GrangerLang 3/3/11

A ton of artists, including Blitzen Trapper, have donated songs to help raise funds & awareness for environmental causes through outdoor clothing company Patagonia.  Each artist got to choose which organization the proceeds from their song will benefit, which is pretty awesome. 

The Trapper's song is called 'All the Stones'.

You can check out previews of the songs, see which charities the artists chose, and buy the songs via links to itunes here:

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michael.james 3/3/11

Thanks for getting the word out Granger! This song is from the "Destroyer of the Void" sessions and not available anywhere else but on this comp. Plus all the proceeds from our song go to SOLV - you know, the group that cleans up Oregon beaches. And they do so much more for other ecosystems that are threatened across Oregon. The track is only 99 cents and there are many more awesome artists doing the same for their charity of choice. We hope you dig the track and give a little to a great organization. Thanks peeps!

junglelove 3/4/11

Not available on i-tunes in the Uk :(

Jamieson 3/4/11

not available in canada either :((

okko 3/7/11

NOT available in the Netherlands either !@#$%%^&*^%$#^&


blitzface 3/8/11

Freakin awesome.  Hope the international listeners can get their hands on it.  Can't wait to get some more love from the BT people.  Seems like there are quite a few extra songs you guys have recorded but haven't made it onto an album.  Is there any way to get more????  Thanks and can't wait to hear the new album.

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michael.james 3/13/11

Oooohh! Sorry international folks! Patagonia is working on it for Canada and Mexico - so try it soon if you are in either of those nice places. For Europe and elsewhere it will not be available until July - our apologies Okko! Technical licensing stuff that is out of our hands - hope you understand.

junglelove 3/15/11

Thanks for the update for us Europers. Will the record store tracks be released digitally at some point ?

Jamieson 3/15/11

thanks for the update michael, glad to know i'll get my hot little hands on it soon enough :)  better late than never!

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michael.james 3/15/11

Junglelove: our record company indicated that, yes, these tracks will be available for download after Record Store Day which I believe is April 16.

Jamieson: have you been successful at downloading the track yet? Just curious if our Canadian friends can get it yet.

Jamieson 3/15/11

just made another attempt and it's still not available for itunes canada but i'll keep trying!

okko 3/21/11

Hey Michael, No offence. We on the other side of the pool will wait ....

The " Global village"  still isn't as integrated as i thought. :-)



Jamieson 8/20/11

it's been awhile so i thought i would try my luck again but it is still unavailable for itunes canada :(  bummer

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