BT shirts and kids

Jamieson 10/31/12

given that this last leg of your tour has been more than a little stressful, i thought i would share a couple of light hearted work stories regarding your band shirts.  i work in a school and teach special education students with various exceptionalities.  one of my favorite students has down syndrome, low vision and is non verbal despite all this she is a firecracker!  she has been slowly learning sign language and has recently taken an interest in recognizing colours and signing them.  one day i was wearing the gray AG t-shirt with the yellow sun and horizon when all of a sudden the student came over to me grabbed my boob and signed 'yellow'. while i was very pleased with her identifying the colour, i have not worn the shirt to school again.  as mentioned by junglelove the placement of the yellow sun definitely highlights the girls!

the second story revolves around the famous high-fiving bears shirt.  two students were asking questions about the shirt.  through the conversation there was some confusion and arguing (the students, not me) over using the words 'very, berry and beary' until one student sensed my frustration and said "watch out! she's beary angry!".  so the running joke is when i wear the bear shirt someone will ask if i'm beary angry today, my answer is always yes then i growl and chase them around the classroom as they laugh and shriek.

thank you trappers, sara and crew for all that you do for us fans. i wish you safe travels for your remaining dates and the journey home.

OCDBT4ME 11/8/12

Great story, Jamie! Maybe you can use a little Trapper Therapy in your class to inspire your kids to communicate through song and dance?  If any band can illicit awakenings, it's BT. :)

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