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Trapper Team
Matt 1/4/09

Hey everyone,

There's been some discussion on this board about getting BT listed as an officially trade-friendly band in regard to non-commercial live tapings at shows. I discussed it with the dudes, and we're officially in. I just emailed the Live Music Archive to let them know, so hopefully they'll post something about it soon. So please feel free to upload your live recordings here. We only ask that you...

(a) try to get a mix of crowd and board
(b) post a link to the show on this forum

And of course, please don't try to sell your recordings or anything sleazy like that, but I doubt anyone would try to do that.

Thanks as always for your support everyone!


5/06/09 UPDATE:

BT now has a page up on the Internet Music Archive, which you can find here:

There's a growing number of recordings available for free download there. It's really turning into an awesome resource -- hope you all are enjoying it!

ALady 1/5/09

This is excellent news - thank you, Matt!

C'mon, tapers... :D

conman 1/7/09

This really is great news. Y'all are making a real nice noise, keep it up. Can we expect to see setlists on this site as the Winter 2009 tour begins to wind around the country?

Trapper Team
Matt 1/7/09

Thanks man! As for setlists, I think the band will be too busy (and running on intermittent internet access) to put them up themselves, but any and all fans are more than welcome to post them. Encouraged even!

dgodwin 1/7/09

I posted this info and the tour list on taper's forum. I'm cautiously optimistic that I will be able to make and tape the Rochester, NY show. Will the band notify the venue that taping is allowed, or is there someone specific to ask for if there's trouble getting taping gear in?

Trapper Team
Matt 1/7/09

Thanks for spreading the word man. I'm not sure how we'll handle this actually... is informing the venue something bands typically do? The world of taping is pretty new to me. Any insight on how this stuff normally works would be helpful.

walkinjingle 1/13/09

Awesome. Can't wait to see and hear some live BT shows pop up on Also can't wait to see 'em when they come through Denver in the Spring!

dgodwin 1/18/09

most larger bands have it in their rider that they allow taping for non-commercial private use by their fans. It's important for the venue staff and security to know to allow fans to bring in taping gear (typically a camera bag/backpack, and a microphone stand) so that we don't have to bother the band or crew who might be busy preparing for the show. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at daniel at upstatetapers dot org, as I don't frequent the board.

FunkyAvocado 1/22/09

I can do a matrix for the northampton show next month. Is there a contact we can use in case we get hassled at the door?

Trapper Team
Matt 1/30/09

Hey guys! Anyone who wants to tape should drop a line to BT co-manager Ingrid Renan at ingrid AT blitzentrapper DOT net. She'll discuss logistics with you from there. Stoked you all are into it!

lady irie 1/31/09

Hey Funky Avocado,
please send me an email and I mill make sure there are no hassles for you at the door.

[email protected]

flyguy 2/14/09

Please tape, please post!!! Thanks in advance!

sleepymonkey 3/2/09

Hey guys, I am going to try and get a SBD from the Birmingham show this weekend.

lefty 9/30/09

oh this is great to know. just saw the san francisco show a couple days ago and was hoping someone was recording. i gave it up a few years ago, but will definitely bring my rig to BT shows from now on. thanks to the band for allowing this and thanks to everyone who puts the shows out there!!

lady irie 10/6/09

Hi Lefty,
if you ever want to record a show , just drop me a line at [email protected] , and I will make sure you are not hassled at the door. I heard the SF show was mind blowing, I only wish someone had recorded it :)

Eugenia 10/6/09

The SF show in Sep '09 was indeed amazing. The band was obviously rested and so they could give their best. There was a lot of energy on the stage, and I found Eric's singing on "Love U" even better than in other live recordings I've listened to in the past (so even his voice was rested, it seems). I was very fortunate to be in THAT show. I tried to record some video clips with my HD digicam (about 30-40 secs from each song, not the whole thing), but I was asked to stop taping too by the venue's staff mid-show.

lady irie 10/7/09

Hi Eugenia,
next time send me an email prior, and we will make sure you have clearance to tape, then they won't bother you :)

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