Clever Nickname for BT Fans?

OCDBT4ME 6/5/11

The followers of this great band are certainly worthy of some sort of clever nickname, but what?  Blitzheads?  Trapperkeepers?  Surely, one of you has already come up with a better moniker...

oliflemo 6/7/11

I don't know about a nickname for the fans but i use the words 'Blitz-fest Trap-athon' to describe any sort of prolonged session of listening to this awesome band

Trapper Team
Matt 6/7/11
I remember Marty using "Trapperheads" as a term of endearment a few times. I always thought that was nice. :)
jeglican 6/8/11

HAHA! Never thought of trapperkeeper...

OCDBT4ME 6/25/11

Just saw the reference to 'Trapper Keepers' in the post on the home page.  I didn't realize there already was a nickname.  Guess I need to pay better attention... :)

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