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marty 12/25/12

Folks! Merry Christmas!

For the past several weeks I have been working to curate a "solo record"—I'm always writing and recording demos and dreaming about getting into a proper studio to do a proper album. But as soon as I get a decent head of steam on this idea, either BT heads out on the road for two months, or I need to learn a new instrument, or I have a newborn in my house or something, and I lose focus and when I get back into the proper headspace my ideas about what the songs should sound like, etc. are all changed.

So when we got off the road this last time it occured to me that rather than reformulate my goals all over again I should just go through and cull some of the best songs/recordings I'd done to date, flesh them out a little if necessary, come up with a running order, and launch the thing into the ether.

Hence: (you can download this one) or

Among many other things there's a couple of live Blitzen jams: Jericho from last year in Cleveland recorded by our friend Zach Mayo—you can hear the girl in the front row who kept yelling "Blitzen Trapper have my babies!" and Eric sort of laughing at her antics; and Canyon's Edge from the special unplugged show we did at the Portland Playhouse in December 2010. Additionally MVP played some pedal steel for one track, and on another Tito was drumming.

anyway enjoy! I'll be doing some solo shows around the Northwest this winter so keep yr eyes peeled. Best wishes to all and hope that 2013 is a sweet one.



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