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Jamieson 7/31/12

one of my favorite parts of a live show is being surprised by a cover tune and thought it might be interesting to see what song you would like to see BT cover.  

my pick would be 'head held high' by velvet underground, the trappers would have a rollicking good version i'm certain!

steve mock 7/31/12

Sweet Emotion

mojobaby75 7/31/12

The Kinks - Powerman

Waylon Jennings - Rainy Day Woman, I'm a Ramblin' Man

Townes Van Zandt - I'll Be Here In the Morning



GrangerLang 7/31/12

If they ever played anything by T. Rex, rainbow lasers would probably erupt from my brain. Calling All Destroyers, Country Honey, and Buick Mackane would all sit particularly well among Trapper tunes, I think. 

And I know they've already covered Big Star, but I'd love to hear more.

rudolph trapper 8/1/12

foghats slow ride was pretty epic. sitting on the dock of the bay was funny to hear. theres prob 100 songs ive heard i wished they would cover. cant think of them now. haha. always thought i could hear gordon lightfoot in some of their folkish stuff. on a side note couldnt help notice hearing part of wild mt. nation in 5 man electrical band's song signs. another one is street fighting sun & beastie boys looking down the barrel of a gun. give a listen & tell me if u agree!!! oh i just rembered one! mississippi queen from mountain!!!

indied 8/1/12

If we're talking live covers, I'll throw in Neil Young's "Down By the River" or The Creation's "Making Time"

And I agree with GrangerLang about more Big Star covers.  (Maybe "Back of a Car"...please?)  BT have so many echoes of Big Star within them: the melding of that '70s hard rock sound with amazing harmonies, sweet '60s melodies, and inescapably Southern tinges.  England via Memphis.  Via Portland.

OCDBT4ME 8/1/12

What a fantastic idea for a topic, Jamie! And what great responses!! Hi Steve!!

I have a similar emotional connection to Eric's voice as I do to John Lennon's, so I'd love to hear him sing "Working Class Hero", "Love" or "I'm So Tired".  I don't know that there'd be any rainbow lasers involved (LOVED that, BTW), but the experience would likely elevate me into a state of consciousness in which I'm in total communion with my creator and instantaneously understand all the mysteries of the universe.  

And if any of you can make this happen, I'd gladly share my newfound omniscience with you. :)

junglelove 8/2/12

Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever"


Sorry for ending the debate..

indied 8/2/12

Any debate involving Ted Nugent has only just begun. ;)

munichhilton 8/2/12

Torn & Frayed > The Stones

gatorbutts 8/2/12

Pavement - Father To a Sister of Thought

Grateful Dead - Doin' That Rag

Big Star - In The Street

The Kinks - Strangers


junglelove 8/3/12

Pavement did a cool cover of CCR's "Sinister Purpose" - well worth googling.



OCDBT4ME 8/3/12

What fun it would be to hear BT do Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls'! 

I can just hear the opening harmonies now...


rudolph trapper 8/10/12


Band Member
michael.james 8/13/12

These are all great! Not sure which ones we will get to but I appreciate the input. The cover below was posted over 3 years ago and seems to have disappeared, but I uploaded it our SoundCloud, just for fun cuz I thought you guys might like it. It was truly a pleasure and dream to play with those guys. Click the link for more info:

Eddie Matthews 8/13/12

"I Can See The Pines Are Dancing" - A.A. Bondy

Jamieson 8/14/12

thanks michael! this james gang song kills me too how fun.  


munkymufin1 8/17/12

Neil Young's "When You Dance I Can Really Love" would make me the happiest man.  

OOOH.  Or "Almost Cut My Hair" - CSNY.

Or "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes."  Oh man oh man.

jeglican 8/20/12

I've been on such a Black Sabbath kick, I gotta throw one out. Hand. Of. Doom.

Comet 8/23/12

"Powderfinger" - by Neil Young is my vote for Record Store day 2013 :)


John Bicknell 8/25/12

Except for the last few, these are all by Texas singer/songwriters.  Most are more on the mellow-side. The songs are hidden gems--not their most famous.  It would be great the hear them covered by Blitzen Trapper or Denver...  Thanks,

"Little Bird" (Viva Terlingua album) or "No Roots In Ramblin" (Driftin Way of Life) by Jerry Jeff Walker

"Beer Drinkers/Hell Raisers" or "Jesus Just Left Chicago" by ZZ Top from Tres Amigos

"Carolina" or "Shades of Grey" or "Runnin' With The Night" or "The Coming Home Of The Son And Brother" by Robert Earl Keen

"Why Me Lord" by Kris Kristofferson

"Like a Summer Thursday" or "Mr Mudd and Mr Gold" or "Don't You Take it Too Bad" by Townes

"Couldn't Do Nothin' Right" or "Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning" by Gary P. Nunn

"The Randall Knife" or "Hank Williams Said It Best" by Guy Clark

"I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight" Chris Wall

"Amarillo Highway" or "Gimme a Ride to Heaven" by Terry Allen

"Panama Red" by Pedro Rowan

"I Looked Away" by Derek and the Dominoes

"Sign Language" performed by Eric Clapton & Bob Dylan (written by Dylan)

While I'm rolling on the Clapton kick --- How about "Presence of the Lord" by Blind Faith.  Killer guitar.

Finally..., another great couple of Texans.  If you guys ever get the chance to do an awesome duet with a lady friend..., check out Willie Nelson & Tracy Nelson's 1974 version of "After the Fire is Gone" (which was a cover of Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn's hit, I believe).  Here's a link:  Good stuff.


OCDBT4ME 9/1/12

I vaguely recall hearing that Eric E has 'issues' of some kind with Clapton, so some of those might be a hard sell. But definitely the right flavor, there. Part of me still would like to hear an entire evening if mid to late 70's Queen rock covers. :)

rudolph trapper 11/14/12

I would love to hear BT do a cover of Country Comfort by Elton John. 

mojobaby75 9/27/13

Would love to hear Eric do a song by Patty Griffin called Top of the World. It's a heartbreaker.

Monica Watson West 9/27/13

Transdermal Celebration- Ween 

Monica Watson West 9/27/13

any song of Ween :)  or Zeppelin 

jeglican 10/2/13

When you awake - The Band

junglelove 10/4/13

"Jack Straw" : Grateful Dead

rudolph trapper 12/30/13

Jim Stafford - Swamp Witch

John Bicknell 1/22/14

Here's one from the early 1970s.  It's a great jangly instrumental called "Nashville West" from The Byrds---with a raucous outro...  Feels like a nice Summer hike in the backwoods to a favorite swimming hole with a rope swing.

DocWillyO 1/26/14

Weather Report Suite by The Grateful Dead,

Definitely one of the earthier tunes by the dead would go great with the dusty old american sound of the trappers

rudolph trapper 3/8/14


NewMexPayne 3/8/14

Can't You See - by Marshall Tucker Band. No brainer guys. Rum and Coke...  Do it!  Do it!  See u in the Q tonight!  Super excited. 

cdub 9/22/14

After seeing you in Reno last night I think you should tackle Statesboro Blues, Allman Brothers Band.

Had a lovely time talking with the Earley's in the back of the venue about homebrewing and music. Mrs. Earley was singing along to one song and her voice cut through and was a nice addition to the harmony.

Next time you come to Reno, play at the Great Basin Brewing Co. in Sparks. You'd draw three times the number of folks you had last night.


I also saw you in Reno last night and it was such a treat to be so close to see the excellent guitar playing, drumming and keyboarding. It felt like I was at your house in your garage. Being an old hippie I was feeling some good old gooey Doors song like I Can't See Your Face in My Mind would sound so good in your style. Please come back again very soon.

rudolph trapper 10/7/14


Kevidently 10/14/14

I'd like a bunch of Springsteen stuff, but especially some of the more obscure ones:

- I'm Goin' Down

- Maria's Bed

- Stolen Car

- Brilliant Disguise

- This Hard Land

I bet they could also kick ass at some Drive-By Truckers songs, particularly "The Living Bubba," "Three Dimes Down," and "Natural Light."

charliewired 12/4/14

Anything by Elliot Smith, but my choice would be

"Everything reminds me of Her"



Ricker 2/26/15

You guys are coming to DC in a few weeks.  It's my bday.  Any Bon Scott ACDC would rule.  Up to My Neck in You, or Riff Raff.  

Martinez 4/21/15

You guys would absolutely slay Ohio by Neil or Hurricane by Bob Dylan. Saw you guys in DC, The energy coming out of your sound is unreal - reminds me of how people describe their experiences at the string of CSNY stadium shows of 1974. Both of these songs exude that same kind of energy to me and I have to assume people would be stoked out of their gourds to hear you guys perform an homage upon two artists who you remind us of so much

rudolph trapper 5/21/15

Ridin' Thumb by Three Dog Night

John Bicknell 3/23/17
Two from Fred Eaglesmith: 

Freight Train


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