Debate: Marty & the Moog???

thingmaker 7/28/11

I touched on this in another post, but I wanted to elaborate generally on this topic.

Blitzen Trapper is currently running a man short, which put Marty sitting at a very large Moog Synthesizer for most of the show. While the performance was excellent and High Energy as always, it seemed a little weird for Marty to be sitting. I personally think Marty on guitar and vocals is a huge part of the BT live show, and having him trapped behind a keyboard detracts from the overall stage show. Otherwise I definitley liked the leaner meaner trapper. I would like to know what other people think of this. It would also be interesting if one of the trappers chimed in on this to see what they think about the new dynamic.

leighleighmw 7/29/11

ok, I have seen the BT 8 times, just to qualify this statement.

There was no difference in the dynamic. (Not that we don't miss Drew and all.)  Marty is a wizard and I am sure can handel all he is doing now and probably would be a damn fine one man band. 

I just caught the Wicker Park Fest Show and the energy was fantastic, they seemed comfy and happy, the new tunes take their evolution even further. 

I have never been more proud to be a Trapper Keeper.

Great Work Guys!!! My Husband and I can't wait to catch you on the Fall tour. 

jeglican 7/29/11

Wicker Park fest was the first time I saw them, so I cant really contribute in that manner, but I thought the show was already really high energy, I didn't think there was a problem with the chemistry, although it looked a bit stressfull for marty to be switching all the time.

thingmaker 7/29/11

I hope my question wasn't misunderstood, I am surely not criticizing the band, I still thought the show was amazing, I swear they are better everytime I see them! And Marty is always a powerhouse, but I missed his guitar parts in certain tunes. Like the electric parts he would play on the second half of BRK. So while the show was amazing I would say that Marty seemed a little less engaged with performing to the audience than usual since he was doing so much stuff at once, and doing it very well. I always feel like Marty is like the equivalent to Pete Townshend during a WHO show, singing, playing, bantering etc. And with his hands so full he seemed a little less so. It was also the first show for them in about 7 months, so maybe as they get more into the routine of it, I'm sure he'll get into the swing a bit more.

blitzface 7/30/11

Anytime someone takes on something new for performances there will be a breaking in period, but from earlier posts from Marty, you can tell he is jazzed about music, the theory of it.  Once you reach a point, you just start translating the theory to all instruments.  I bet Marty is pumped to be playing with more tools.  I mean look at Prince, isn't he a master of like 29 instruments.  When you love music and learn the theory, it's just natural to explore different ways of expressing yourself.  I love that Marty got to play the keys, much more prominent than that thing he used to play in Lady on The Water.   Also, loved the fact that Brian did the harp part of American Goldwing.  Spread the wealth.  

I just want to know when Eric M. is going to break out the violin, or fiddle in some circles.   The acoustic Below the Hurricane they did was freakin awesome.  

Has anyone noticed over the past 2 tours, Brian and Marty have really stepped it up with the background vocals?  They are getting stronger and singing with more confidence.  Really, a game changer in my opinion.  Like on the Bluebird recording, when they are wrapping up the chorus after the 'shaky at the knees', Marty rolls out a vocal run that really adds to the whole.   

Sorry for the rant, I geek out on BT, so take it for what it is worth......

Dunwoody 7/31/11

To be frank, I usually can't hear Marty's guitar anyway. I sort of prefer him on the moog for that reason.

Dunwoody 7/31/11

The acoustic Below the Hurricane they did was freakin awesome.

Whoa whoa whoa. I missed that. When did that happen?

blitzface 7/31/11


GrangerLang posted it about 10mos ago.  Awesome!

thingmaker 8/1/11

Interesting Takes, I agree with Blitzsface on many points. I would like to say you hit the nail on the head with Brian and Marty and their backing vocals. When they do that 3 part harmony with Eric, it reminds me of the very best parts of "The Band", and takes the live performances to a whole new level!

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