Denver show & poster

rowdyroddy 3/9/09

Couldn't be more excited for this week's show....anyone here going? A few friends and I started a gigposter club and we are proud to say we are doing our first ever commemorative screened poster for this Thursday's show! (Thanks Matt for the support, you're the man)

If you have a few bucks left(after you hit the Blitzen Trapper merch table of course), come say hello to the dudes with posters(Dave, Luke, Josh) and if you mention you know who the artist is, you get a $1 discount.....hint: Just say Luke and Josh's mom is the artist. No joke... Sneak peek below.



rowdyroddy 3/10/09

Also I have friends that needs tickets to this show desperately.....Cash + Free posters to whomever can help me out!!! Need 2-4 but even 1 would help the cause...

davidandrewwelch (at)

courtleigh 3/13/09

Hey! I got a poster last night, it's awesome. I didn't see you, there was a girl there, but I was only there for a sec. It was a great show, had to get the poster.

rowdyroddy 3/14/09

Awesome thanks for grabbing a poster courtleigh, if anyone else wants one we got plenty extra.... Very exiting to interact with the band and Alela even sold one for us! A historic night, last time we'll be able to see them at a place so small....

Unexpectedly their best songs were where they really rocked or stretched themselves. I wanted to love Furr, Black River, etc but by far the louder it got the more we had. Or maybe I just like to rock. That could be it.

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