Destroyer leftovers?

gatorbutts 6/28/10

Anyone heard of any floating around yet (besides "Simple Tree", the itunes bonus track)?  I recall from a blurb in Rolling Stone last year where Eric referenced tracks titled "The Ballad of Burning Tongue" and "The Eagle With the Head of a Ram" as forthcoming DOV tracks.  I assume they either had name changes or didn't make the cut (Matt?).

indied 6/28/10

Could "The Ballad of Burning Tongue" have become "The Man Who Would Speak True"?

GrangerLang 6/28/10

It definitely seems plausible, indied. I guess it depends on when RS actually spoke to Eric (as opposed to when they ran the piece), as I definitely remember hearing 'The Man Who Would Speak True' under its current name early last summer.  Or they could have been toying with changing the name, but ended up sticking with it.

gatorbutts 6/29/10

It was in the 10/15/09 issue of RS.  I am thinking that the "...Burning Tongue" song is different, because he also mentioned "A Man Who Would Speak True" seperately, in addition to "Heaven and Earth" and "The Eagle...".  See here for the original blurb and quote:

Trapper Team
Matt 6/29/10

I can confirm that Burning Tongue is a different song.  It's a total rocker, actually. Eagle With The Head of a Ram is also a rocker, with an almost stadium/jock jam vibe going on.  It's always a collaborative process figuring out what songs end up on each album, and for whatever reason those tracks didn't make the cut.  I'm not sure what the plans are for them now.  There's a huge backlog of tracks that haven't been released, and some of them end up resurfacing in various contexts.  If not, there's always the 10 disc box set slated for 2030!

gatorbutts 6/29/10

Thanks Matt.  Very cool to know as I, personally, tend to dig the band's more "rocking" tracks.  Hopefully those will show up as B-sides or in some other compilations in the days ahead.  If not, it would never hurt to share a few "fan's only" mp3's via the board :)

AmshMisfit 6/29/10

i 2nd said 'fan's only' release!

Loganknowsbest 6/29/10

Just saw BT last night in Tempe.. Amazing! Wish I could have made it to the instore though.  I was wondering how I can get my hands on an mp3 of a song they played called "takin it easy too long."  I've done some hasty research and can't find it in their catelog, does anyone know if this is a new unreleased destroyer leftover?

corrado15 6/29/10

'Takin It Easy Too Long' was introduced as a new song at the Lancaster PA show - I took that to mean that it was written post-DOV. It was pretty excellent too!!


Trapper Team
Matt 6/29/10

Yeah, it's a new one.  Hoping I get to hear it for the first time at the SF show tomorrow!

gatorbutts 6/30/10

Here's the new tune "Takin It Easy Too Long" from last night's show at the El Rey:

steve mock 7/1/10

I love it. New album not even a month out and we hunger for more. More! Hunger!

You know what I miss? I miss reading Earley. I just re-read some of those MySpace (ugh) postings, and man... gold. Stream of whatever.

Cannot WAIT for Detroit. (Y'all got moved over to the big room!) Yes. There will be posters. Printing next week.

mistercharlie 5/1/15

I'm trying to find both 'Ballad of the Burned Tongue' and 'Eagal with the Head of a Ram', if anyone can hep me out.

early 5/5/15

Those two tracks I really should have put on DOV, trying to get them released as bonus tracks for the next record.  We'll see what happens.

Potatobanjo 5/9/15

I have an AAC copy of "The Ballad of the Burning Tongue." I honestly have no idea how I got it: I was just cleaning out some cruft from my computer and chanced upon this file, which I recognized as a rockin' BT song (with a total 70s vibe) that I'd never heard. A google search brought me here.

I wouldn't feel comfortable making it available without band approval. But I do hope you put it out eventually, Eric. Because it rocks.

GrangerLang 5/9/15

Marty himself posted 'Ballad of the Burning Tongue' here a few years back.

Potatobanjo 5/10/15

That must be where I got it!

mistercharlie 11/28/15

Any chance of reupping these two songs?

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