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blitzface 5/2/11

Anyone go to the Eric E. solo performance?  How did it turn out?  Was there any new material being played?  Obviously, I'm anxiously awaiting news on the BT front.    

In other news, 2011 Donkey Fest has been scheduled and we are still awaiting word on if the Trapper will be gracing us with their rockatudness.   It's all about rockatudness these days.  Gotta have it!

Zibby Pillote 5/3/11

I went! It was great. He played a lot of new material, I'd say three songs? Taking it Easy Too Long was on of them. He only played for 30-45 minutes. He also played some covers and a lot of stuff from Furr and Destroyer.

indied 5/3/11

Thanks for the report!  Anyone have a setlist?  Or video?  I'd love to know what the covers were.

GrangerLang 5/3/11

I've been keeping a pretty close yes on Vimeo and YouTube and haven't found anything yet.  Hopefully we'll get something eventually! I admit, I was considering driving down for this--such a great lineup.  If it'd been on a weekend, you couldn't have kept me from it!

Zibby Pillote 5/4/11

He played Black River Killer, Taking it Easy Too Long, another new one that I don't know the name of, Furr, The Tailor,  cover of Townes Van Zandt's "No Place to Fall," a traditional that I forget the name of, The Tree... that's all I can remember right now.

Zibby Pillote 5/4/11

I took some photos, a few from the whole show are here http://www.flickr.com/photos/zibfamily/

otisarungus 5/4/11

No shit, The Tailor? I believe that would be the debut. I hope that finds its way into the live rotation.

blitzface 5/4/11

Actually, they played the Tailor on a whim at the Ogden in Colorado last summer.   They announced that they had never played it live.  Eric stumbled on one of the verses and someone in the crowd helped him out.  The show had a great feel and that kinda topped it off.   That's great it came out again.  I'll second that live rotation bit.   Such a great tune. 



Thanks for the update Zibby.

Zibby Pillote 5/4/11

Eric said he doesn't "usually" play it. And I am happy to fill y'all in. I love BTrapp.

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