Music Saves 9/24/08

Love the new album, it's amazing to see a band continue to grow and progress through four albums like BT has. Got into them last year with the stellar Wild Mountain Nation, and Furr is even better! To think they wrote this while touring is very impressive too, the material is just so consistently good. Backtracking to Field Rexx and the s/t hasn't disappointed in the slightest either. Plan on seeing them for the second time on my birthday in Chicago November 9. My question is about the EPs. I got the EP3 on the last tour, and have the Cool Love #1 vinyl, and that could be considered an EP I guess, so is there another one floating around? Is the iTunes session considered the other one? Or is there a whole other part of the discography that I'm missing out on? Just can't get enough I guess.:) Thanks for any help!


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marty 9/25/08

Hey Ryan,

yeah the "Live/Acoustic" thing on iTunes is the second of the three eps. Then there is also the "Trapper" record, Eric's solo meditation, really cool, at nine short songs kinda ep length also.

Just for the record, there are a number of other bt tracks floating around on compilations:
Pink Padded Slippers, Farthest Shore, On A Dime, New Shoes, Crushing the Wheat, Wicked and covers of Crazy On You and Star Me Kitten. Sub Pop has bundled a couple other tracks with Furr in different ways, Rent-A-Cop and Ballad Of Bird Love.

Those are all the official releases.


Music Saves 9/25/08

I have some hunting to do for some of these songs then. Don't have Pink Padded Slippers, Farthest Short, On A Dime, or New Shoes. Thanks for the reply!

absolutyyz 9/30/08

So i know that Cool Love #1 is out on vinyl but is EP3 ever gonna be released on vinyl? I would love to get my hands on that bad boy! thanks

Trapper Team
Matt 10/1/08

There are no plans to press that one up on vinyl at this point, but we'll definitely keep your request in mind. I'm sure those tracks would sound super great ON WAX. (That's what the kids are saying, right?)

absolutyyz 10/2/08

i hadn't head the "on wax" saying. i better get with the lingo or the kids are gonna think i am out of touch what with me approaching 30 and all...

Music Saves 11/28/08

Any help on where Farthest Shore can be found? Is there a studio version somewhere? I have found a live KEXP version that looks like may have come from your site in the past, but no luck in tracking down an actual release. Thanks for any help!

Trapper Team
Matt 12/4/08

That one was made available on this Burnside Distribution comp:


But as a little thank you to all of you who care enough to check out this forum, I'm just gonna go ahead and post it right here:


This is definitely one of my (many) faves. Enjoy!

Music Saves 12/4/08

Oh man thanks a lot, what a treat! Definitely one of my faves too after first hearing the radio session. Made my day!

GrangerLang 12/4/08

Matt, you're a champ! Thanks, that totally made my day as well!

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