rudolph trapper 9/23/11

Dont know why more people dont talk about him as being one of the best guitar players out now. Freakin guy could have played in Skynyrd! Hearing his guitar on Wild Mountain Nation while playing my MLB 2K8 is what drew me into the band. My first thought was who the fuck is this group? Its like a warped Steve Miller Band country song while on shrooms. Love this band more than any out today. Just wanted to raise awareness to Erik's awesome abilities as im sure many already know. Cant wait to see u fellas in N.Y.C.

GrangerLang 9/23/11

People near me were audibly freaking out about his shredding at the Easy Street show. It was great. :)

rudolph trapper 9/23/11

Yeah i posted this after watching it as a matter of fact. Def must have been awesome. Im pumped to see them live after watching it.


jeglican 9/23/11

Definitely an original sounding guitar player.  I really haven't heard many guitarists bend the strings the way he does. He's becoming more and more of an influence on my own technique.

xuwan 10/25/11

Funny thing is, the other Eric in the band is capable of tearing a new hole in the universe with his own guitar skills, but he never puts it on display...I guess you gotta delegate.

jeglican 10/27/11

yea eric and him were like guitar dueling at the Chicago concert. I was really surprised by both of their abilities.

xuwan 11/21/11

Yes, Jeglican, I also saw them on this recent tour and was well as a little embarrassed that I had made that comment. I sound like a total d-bag fanboy trying to assert that Eric is better than Erik or something which is a stupid thing to say and probably has nothing to do with why the majority of BT followers like them (did I really use the word "delegate"? - what an ass...what the hell do I know?)

I think that what I was trying to say was that over the years I have seen Eric do a thing on stage that was right at the point of blowing my mind, but then it was over like a flash. I was always wanting more. But at the recent show, I finally got it...and indeed, from Erik, too. Thanks, BT.

Jyssica Leilani Yelas 11/23/11

Erik blows my mind every time. I agree with y'all. Talking to him at the end has completed both of their shows I've been to. I love hearing what everyone has to say about these boys!

Monica Watson West 1/5/12

He is Amazing!!!  I have been a huge fan forever.  Love these boys  xtra heart to Eric cuz I just think he is so damn cute and love his lyrics/songwriting


Monica Watson West 1/5/12

They both, all of Blitzen Trapper is AWESOME. Been my fave band for years,  need ya back in Austin TX 


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