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Ryan Houge 11/6/11

Can't find any info online of what equipment Erik uses. Seems he only goes between 2 guitars, one being Gibson Les Paul, but other than that, I don't know what else is in his lineup. Also appears to use a Fender amp, but not sure which one. Anyone got any info? Pictures from front of stage?

Would also like to know what he used to get "fuzz" tone on latest album.

gatorbutts 11/8/11

I know Erik (Menteer) can often be seen playing a baby blue Bilt Revelator guitar (looks kind of like a blend of the Fender Jaguar & Jazzmaster models).  Here is a pic:

Interestingly, that model has built-in effects of which a "fuzz tone" is prominent.  However, I understand that much (if not all) of the guitars on AG were laid down by E.Earley in the studio so I'm not sure the source of the tone you reference.  Maybe one of them will chime in and shed light.

gatorbutts 11/8/11

Looks like a fun axe:

Ryan Houge 11/12/11

thanks for sharing that picture. Yeah, I thought I had heard Eric did all the recording. I would assume by Erik using two different guitars live, his "slide" guitar is tuned to an open tuning, as most musicians who use two guitars. That way you don't have to adjust the tuning from standard to open between songs.

I hope someone does jump in about sound/amp settings for the recording of AG. I absolutely love the fuzz distortion heard on most songs.

Ryan Houge 11/12/11

pt 2, just re-watched video for "Love the Way you Walk Away", and there is a quick shot of (maybe?) Erik's footpedals, and all I can identify is the digitech Whammy. I don't use really any pedals, so I don't know what looks like what, but if anyone would take a look, let me know what you see.

I'm set on finding my own tone, but I'm looking for idea's from guitarist I admire, and Erik is definately one of my newest top 5!!!!

gatorbutts 11/14/11

Pretty cool noodlings by Erik:

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michael.james 11/15/11

Though I probably shouldn't divulge too much info, I will say that both Eric & Erik use Tube Screamers. Eric has 2: a TS-10 with a TS-808 mod, and a standard Maxon 808. Erik has the TS-9 reissue. However, what is used in the studio is different than what we use on stage of course, and really just dependent on what is laying around there on any given day. I think it's important to not be dogmatic about pedals and stuff and just go for the nastiest tone you can get with what you've got - that's kinda what we've always done. Oh, and small amps turned up really loud!

I'll let those dudes chime in if they want to reveal their trade secrets!

Ryan Houge 11/16/11

thanks for the post Mr. James. Again, I'm not looking for all the details in the world, and besides, I would think it's kind of an honor to have fans looking up to these guys as "favorite guitarist"!

If Erik is monitoring this thread, the one main question I have is what tuning he uses on his slide guitar. I'm just experimenting in slide myself, and he makes it look so effort-less live, leads me to believe he's using an open tuning.

Thanks again!!! Keep making that 'magic' music!

platonicbomb 11/16/11

I just bought a 1973 Gibson Southern Jumbo Deluxe. It arrived from Nashville the other day. Went to the BT show last night (best show I've ever seen) and Eric's guitar looked a lot like mine, except for the designs on the pickguard. Is he playing an SJ Deluxe too? Either way, I liked the way his sounded so much I went out today and bought a Baggs M1A pickup for it and changed the strings and man that thing can sing!

platonicbomb 11/16/11

actually the point was, does Eric play an SJ Deluxe?

gatorbutts 11/17/11

If you're referring to Eric Earley, you are thinking of his Gibson Hummingbird (a predecessor cousin to your SJ Deluxe):

And when he's plugged in, it's usually a '74 Gibson SG.

Ryan Houge 11/17/11
that is a great acoustic, plays very nice.  Gotta love the choice to curl up the extra string at the peghooks instead of cutting the excess :)
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Mentok 11/18/11

Hey Ryan!

My two main guitars right now are a 2005 Gibson Les Paul 1960's Classic and a Sear's Silvertone Silhouette from around 1964.  I have the nut raised on the Silvertone for plaing slide and I switch between two open tunings.  The most common one is an open E major tuning E-B-E-G#-B-E, and the second adds a 6th into the tuning E-B-E-G#-C#-E.  I'm finding that slide is al about the double stops and figuring out how to move inbetween them.  Enjoy!

Ryan Houge 11/19/11
rock n' roll!  Thanks Erik!  The open E was what I guessed, and it's what I've been messing with too.  Cheers to your guys great latest album, and tour was amazing.  Can't wait to see you again!

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