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junglelove 11/24/15

06 FEB 16 Le Botanique, Brussels (BE)
07 FEB 16 The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (UK)
08 FEB 16 The Lexington, London (UK)
10 FEB 16 Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL) [“Blitzen Trapper plays Neil Young’s Harvest”]
11 FEB 16 C-Mine, Genk (BE)
12 FEB 16 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
13 FEB 16 Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam (NL)
14 FEB 16 Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE)
15 FEB 16 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (DK)
16 FEB 16 Atlas, Aarhus (DK)
17 FEB 16 Pustervik, Gothenborg (SE)
18 FEB 16 The Crossroad Club, Oslo (NO)
19 FEB 16 Mejeriet, Lund (SE)
20 FEB 16 Privat Club, Berlin (DE)

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Potatobanjo 11/29/15

Ah for god's sake, lads, how can you skip Dublin?

Comet 11/30/15

The lack of UK/Ireland dates outside of the very south-eastern edge of England are pretty disappointing.  I'd make the 7 hour journey from the north if I didn't have a new baby!  I can only hope the guys return later in the year or the near future...

junglelove 12/1/15

See you at the Lexington !

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michael.james 12/1/15

We are excited to get back to EU and regret not being able to make it to Ireland, Newcastle and Glasgow. The fact is we've never made any money in Europe. None. And actually we've lost money - like a whole hell of a lot of money playing there. Flying 5 guys and crew over, renting a band's worth of gear, renting a bus or van, plus hotels/hostels on top of that leaves no money for us to bring back to our children and wives which is a very tough pill to swallow - this is our livelihood after all.

That said, we are concentrating on the areas we do best in hopes of growing our already amazing fanbase over there. If it goes well, we'll be back as soon as we can to hit even more cities. We absolutely love playing Europe and truly appreciate all the support you guys have given throughout the years.

Potatobanjo: make a holiday of it! Belgium is hugely underrated; I highly recommend it. And Comet: congrats on the new baby!

See most of you in a couple months!

Much love,


Comet 12/1/15

Totally understand, Michael.  If the London date doesn't entirely sell out (obsviously I hope it does) and the baby is settled I think I'll be able to convince my other half to leave him with his grandma for a night.  This is the second time a child has scuppered my plans to see you guys peform, in the spring of '12 we were planning a big holiday to the pacifivc north-west when we feel pregnant with our first child... they seem determined to stop me!

And cool of you to remember Newcastle, that's where I first saw/heard you, supporting Fleet Foxes.  Great show.

junglelove 1/13/16

I note the Lexington is 50 yards from one of my favourite London pubs - have an amazing beer selection.

Mike74 2/15/16
Hi all. First post...

Myself and the good lady shall be heading over from Glasgow for the Berlin show on Saturday (the BT gig being a tenuous excuse for us to revisit our favourite holiday destination). Couple of quick questions - 
Is there a support, if so who?
Likely to have any merch left, it being last night of the tour and all?

junglelove 2/22/16
Plenty of photos from the Lexington here:

SETLIST: Blitzen Trapper @ The Lexington, London 2/8/2016
Nights Were Made For Love
Big Black Bird
Love Grow Cold
Not Your Lover
Wild Mountain Nation
Black River Killer
Lonesome Angel
Old Man (Neil Young cover)
Love the Way You Walk Away
Thirsty Man >
> Heart Attack
All Across This Land

Encore :
If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt cover)
Lady on the Water
Fire & Fast Bullets

Was a great show -  stand out tracks which leapt out at me live were "Heart Attack", "Lonesome Angel" and "Old Man"*.

* Am ready to pay for a download of live Harvest - any chance of a release for vinylphobics ?

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michael.james 2/22/16
junglelove 2/24/16
Thanks Michael ! :D

OCDBT4ME 2/26/16
Thank you, Michael!!

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