Familiar Harmonica in Ever Loved Once??

elcapitan1800 8/27/13

Did anyone else notice a STRONG similarity between the harmonica at the beginning of "Ever Loved Once" (starting around 30 seconds into the song) and the harmonica parts from "The Man Who Would Speak True"? They are so similar, I feel like it can't be an accident or a coincidence... Anyone with more insight into the two songs have an opinion, are they connected? It almost seems like "Ever Loved Once" could be a prelude of sorts, but maybe I am reaching. Thoughts???

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michael.james 9/4/13

Don't want to destroy the illusion, but that's just how Eric plays the harmonica.

elcapitan1800 9/9/13

Haha alright fair enough :) Still love both songs, can't wait for the new release!!! Keep up the good work!

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