Favourite Blitzen Trapper Song

okko over 9 years ago

Hey Blitzen Trapper listeners...(i don't like the word FAN)

I'am just curious: What is your favourite Blitzen Trapper Top 5?

Post it in reply...

indied over 9 years ago

Wow, a Top 5 is tough!  Here are 5 favorites at the moment, unordered:

Destroyer of the Void

The Tree

Heaven and Earth

War is Placebo

God & Suicide

I'd also have to give special mention to "Futures & Folly," as it was the first BT song I ever heard.  I'm pretty sure I was in love with the band before the song ended, that very first time I heard it.  I still love that one.  They don't seem to do it live much - did they used to?

And about "War is Placebo" - that song is far too amazing to be relegated to a limited edition single! (Same is true for the beautifully hushed, Shins/Elliott Smith-like B side "Booksmart Baby"!)

okko over 9 years ago

Hey  Indied,

Great! i miss a few songs. Like War is Placebo. Couldn't find a download (free or buy) either.(got a clue for me?)

You said 5 favorites at the moment. Thats a true phrase. I like your list and the comparison from the song i don't know with Elliott Smith triggers me. Elliott Smith is another favourite of me.

Ok, here is my " at the moment" list:

1. Ansel and Emily Desader 

2. Below the Hurricane

3. Black river killer (live)

4. Destroyer of the void

5. Echo (live)

But tomorrow "the man who would speak true" could be on my list.

Let's wait for more contributions..

Jamieson over 9 years ago

top 5 songs in no particular order for the last couple days have been:

- war on machines

- c*****r went down (maximum volume of course)

- simple tree

- saturday night

- ballad of bird love

i've been busy in the kitchen and seem to be picking up tempo tunes i'm sure this will change once my adrenaline rush is gone!

okko over 9 years ago

Jamieson thanx.

I tracked them all down and listened to them in the right order.

Your BT taste is quite heavy :-) . 

This is really nice . Who's next?

"ECHO" = running round my brain all day now...


By the way: It's christmas eve here.

merry Christmas - Prettige Kerstdagen (Dutch)

munkymufin over 9 years ago

1. Big Black Bird

2. Jericho (there is a certain live recording where Earley sings this gorgeous harmony, and it just feels right)

3. Lady on the Water

4. Ansel and Emily Desader (and I don't say this with an elitist sneer, but I kinda like the Garmonbozia version better)

5. Ballad of Bird Love

And just like you, indied, "Futures & Folly" was the song that sold me, too.  I think this is a great idea for a thread, by the by.

(Ashamed to beg: Anyone have a copy of "War is Placebo" or "Booksmart Baby" to share? )

indied over 9 years ago

The "War is Placebo"/"Booksmart Baby" single does seem awfully hard to track down.  I got my copy at Criminal Records in Atlanta about a year ago (Apparently they had a few leftover from the previous "Record Store Day", 2009), but last time I was in there, they still had a few copies!  Looking back, I should've bought the rest.  It's probably worth a shot getting in touch with them here: http://www.criminalatl.com/Home to see if you can order online.  I don't get in there that often or I'd go try and pick them up, myself.

If that doesn't work, maybe someone close to the band (Matt?) has an idea where one could still get this gorgeous (pink and white) piece of vinyl.  If all else fails, I've got digital versions of the tracks (vinyl comes with download code), but I'd want an "official" go-ahead to send them out...

junglelove about 9 years ago

1. Jericho (Live)

2. Big Black Bird

3. Lady on the Water

4. Echo

5. Taking it Easy too Long.

okko about 9 years ago

My list for this week:

1: Futures & Folly

2: Sci-Fi Kid

3: Dreamers & Giants

4: Running Revolution

5: Ansel & Emily Desader

Thanx Folks! I keep listening to your lists!!

After about 20 contributions we could make a "Top 5 out of 20" 

Trey about 9 years ago

1. Black River Killer

Why? It's pretty cinematic and haunting. Taking up where Sprinsgteen's Nebraska left off.

2. Country Caravan

Alt country at its best. Those accents that shift across the bar lift it from being an everyday song.

3. Heaven and Earth

Esp the demo version. Revisits biblical madness in the chorus, and a fab vocal take on the verse, with a sobbing melody.

4. Simple Tree

A good one for putting the top down and hitting the gas.

5. The Tailor

Sounds like the story of a madman.

junglelove about 9 years ago

P.S. Best Jericho I've found is here

Blitzen Trapper
11th annual Pickathon Roots Music Festival
Pendarvis Farm
Galaxy Barn Stage
Happy Valley, Oregon



Any better ?

Rob about 9 years ago

I think there are no best songs; they're all great.



evening star

sleepy time in the western world


wild mountain nation

Sleepy time in the western world live in Tivoli (Utrecht) was perfect!

Actually, why choose? I just listen ............. 

rmorrison100 about 9 years ago

1. Heaven and Earth

2. The Tailor

3. Dreamers & Giants

4. Country Caravan

5. The Tree



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oliflemo about 9 years ago

1. Black River Killer

2. Silver Moon

3. Country Caravan

4. Laughing Lover

5. Furr (Daytrotter version)

novaknick about 9 years ago

No particular order:

Country Caravan

Dragon's Song

Shoulder Full of You

Saturday Nite

Preacher's Sister's Boy

Diane Laferriere about 9 years ago

I must say, Furr is still my favorite, 'cause it was the first song from the band I heard, and it gave me goosebumps :) I asked one of the dj's from errorfm.com, Larry Woodside, to play it, but he didn't have the album. He went searching and fell in love with the sound. I'm 'proud' I made an indie radio station dj discover BT :D

okko about 9 years ago

This is becoming an impressive list. !!

Thanx folks!!

TyNagar about 9 years ago

Well I will add my list soon but had to post that I am glad to see that some of you also like "The Tailor" because it is definatly one of my favorites from this bands most recent album.

okko about 9 years ago

i use cunning revolution as ringtone on my phone. Great!! Try it!

jeglican about 9 years ago

1. Furr

2. Destroyer of the Void

3. Laughing Lover

4. Sadie

5. Love U


That was harder to prioritize than I thought it would be.

Zibby Pillote almost 9 years ago

1.) Texaco

2.) Ansel & Emily Desader

3.) Country Caravan

4.) Destroyer of the Void

5.) Reno


orienteering almost 9 years ago

1. All the Stones (it took me about 5 seconds to fall in love with this song. beautiful)

2. Silver Moon

3. Furr

4. Big Black Bird

5. and a tie between God and Suicide and Country Caravan


It does always change though.

The Lunar Sea almost 9 years ago
I'm a new listener, I haven't gotten into their older albums yet, because I can't seem to stop replaying the current one. My favorites are: 1. Evening Star 2. Destroyer of The Void 3. Dragon's Song 4. The Tree 5. Lover Leave Me Drowning
spellme almost 9 years ago

I'm not a new listener, I go back a few years with BT.  The newest album is my favorite overall. I still love the older albums but I think Eric Earley's songwriting ability grows greater with time.

My current top five, but not in any order:

Destroyer Of The Void, Heaven And Earth, Cold Gold Diamond, The Green King Sings, Dragon's Song

And Love I Exclaim!, which I add because it doesn't really count as a whole song.

okko almost 9 years ago

Hi Folks,

It's been a while... But still listening to BT tracks. The list is getting more impressive every month!

here are my favs for this month:

1. Stripes (Field Rexx)

2. Dreamers & Giants (Field Rexx)

3. Lux & Royal Shopper (Field Rexx)

4. Ansel & Emily DeSader

5. Reno


Thanx !

Sunshine almost 9 years ago

Fire and Fast Bullets

Sleepytime in the Western World

and Jericho.. That track is just too sweet.

BHJ over 8 years ago

big black bird


evening star

american goldwing

war on machines

jeglican over 8 years ago

Updated list for mine changed slightly.

1. Furr

2. Laughing Lover

3. Stolen Shoes and a Rifle

4. Big Black Bird

5. Wild Mountain Nation

It does change a lot.

Curt Whitacre over 8 years ago

Your list is damn near identical to mine, orienteering. I swear, I probably listen to "All the Stones" at least once a day. I think that song would make anyone with ears an instant Blitzen Trapper convert.

BulldozersandDirt over 8 years ago

I'm not familiar with some of these songs...Where can I find: Simple Tree, All the Stones, Ballad of Bird Love?


munkymufin1 over 8 years ago

Bulldozers, all three of those songs can be found on iTunes (or at least, that is where I got them).  Simple Tree is a bonus track from "Destroyer. . ." while The Ballad of Bird Love is the bonus track from "Furr" (I still remember the first time I heard that song).  All The Stones is from a benefit with "Patagonia" in the name.

AND.  I would highly recommend all three.  They are especially great songs!

gatorbutts over 8 years ago
gilgildner over 8 years ago

For me, it'd be:

1. Black River Killer

2. Preacher's Sister's Boy

3. Furr

4. Sadie

5. Laughing Lover

BulldozersandDirt over 8 years ago

Thanks for the info Munky!

gatorbutts over 8 years ago

My current top 5:

1-Your Crying Eyes (AG)

2-Asleep for Days (FR)

3-Wild Mountain Nation (WMN)

4-Ballad of Bird Love (Furr bonus)

5-Pink Padded Slippers (B-side)

Midwestern72 over 8 years ago

I have so many favorites. I always love Country Caravan live- the studio version does not do it justice. Stolen Shoes & A Rifle is great- the acoustic guitars really shine on that song. BT does has a really special feel for playing country music. I wish it was longer, though, they need to extend it instrumentally for another few bars at the end I think. I also read in an interview where Eric listed John Denver as a influence. I can hear that in many of his songs. I always loved John Denver, too. They just recently replayed his famous Wildlife Concert on PBS last weekend, hope alot of people tuned in to that and got to experience the genius of the man.

sberardelli over 8 years ago

In no particular order, best listened to with no particular place to go.

Texaco (BT)

The All-Girl Team(BT)

Simple Tree (DV)

War on Machines (Furr)

Not Your Lover (Furr)

Futures & Folly (WMN)

Love the Way You Walk Away (AG)

Street Fighting Sun (AG)


OK, that's more than 5...hard to stop ;)

Comet over 8 years ago

Too hard to pick a top 5 anything I'd say... but here goes:

1) Below the Hurricane (ahhh, those harmonies (sigh))

2) Lady on the Water

3) Love the way you walk away (yeah it's "new", but damn it I'm a sucker for some steel guitar)

4) Furr (not a very original choice I know, but as others have said you never forget your first BT)

5) Stranger in a strange Land (another newbie, but I have a fetish for lines that could appear on tombstones! "When I'm gone, you'll know me by the friends I leave behind."

That's my top 5 for today anyway, now if I could just squeeze me some Big Black Bird, Echo, Stolen shoes and a rifle, Might find it Cheap and numerous others into the list I'd be a happy man!

Jamieson over 8 years ago

well it has almost been a year since i last posted in this thread so i thought i might update my selection.  perhaps it should be noted that i am sick, sick, sick so it may have a bearing on what ive been listening to.  again in no particular order:

1. astronaut

2. maybe baby

3. 40 stripes

4. stranger in a strange land

5. canyon's edge

the gambler outtake is also a strong contender since it still makes me giggle

OCDBT4ME over 8 years ago

My Blitzen Trapper Greatest Hits CD:

1. Astronaut

2. Texaco

3. Jericho

4. Black River Killer

5. Sadie

6. Evening Star

7. Wild Mountain Nation

8. 40 Stripes

9. Below the Hurricane

10. Shoulder Full of You

11. Street Fighting Sun

12. Love I Exclaim!

13. Furr

14. Saturday Nite

15. Murder Babe

Oh, and whatever song that was that they used for the soundtrack in the Episode 5 tour video...

BHJ over 8 years ago



wild mountain nation

might find it cheap

country caravan

war on machines

mojobaby75 about 8 years ago

This week's top 5 (in no particular order)...

Booksmart Baby (live at Canopy Club, Urbana, IL 10-16-2009)

Look My Way

War is Placebo

All the Stones

Jericho (live at Portland Playhouse 9-14-2010 - check YouTube - sound not so great, but my fave version of Jericho ever.)


Honorable mentions:

Street Fighting Sun

Rent A Cop

Farthest Shore

Ansel & Emily DeSader

Destroyer of the Void

Evening Star

Taking it Easy Too Long


And I could go on...and on...and on...

jodo about 8 years ago
  • Laughing Lover
  • Big Black Bird
  • Big Adventure
  • Might Find It cheap
  • Preacher's Sister's Boy
jodo about 8 years ago

Pretty much every thing.

GrangerLang about 8 years ago

Is that the Spirit of Jazz?? Your hat's on fire ;) 

freestyle1214 over 7 years ago

to all BT fans!!!  - BT had a song way back when on their myspace page that never made an album or EP.  It was an AWESOME song.  my favorite, actually.  I cannot remember the name but it was around 2007-2008 timeline I think.  Can anyone help me with the title and where I can find it?  Thanks and happy holidays!

gatorbutts over 7 years ago

Free, you're probably thinking of "10 Cent Slut", released on Eric's "Trapper" solo record:


Gotta love the Wayback Machine!

mojobaby75 over 7 years ago


Did they ever post the rest of that album, or just that song? It's vanished into the ether and I've been hunting for some trace. I have heard the entire thing, but the lengths I had to go to do so were pretty ridiculous! 

gatorbutts about 7 years ago
mojobaby75 about 7 years ago

See my other post in the "'Trapper' album, buy it here" thread...that site is bogus.


JoeAndKaren almost 7 years ago

Alright, and let's not count Furr, Gold for Bread, or God & Suicide because they seem too obviously awesome. 

1. Destroyer of the Void (DotV)

2. Country Caravan (WMN)

3. Preacher's Sister's Boy (Black River EP)

4. Saturday Nite (Furr) 

5. Love the Way You Walk Away (AG)


6. Jericho (Daytrotter Sessions--all of which are great)

7. Lady on the Water (Furr)

8. Reno (BT)

9. Texaco (FR)

10. Stranger in a Strange Land (AG)

music_addict over 6 years ago

I'm kind of a newbie (only discovered Blitzen Trapper in late January), but here are my top 5 favourite Blitzen Trapper songs. Not in order....


-Ever Loved Once

-American Goldwing

-Love The Way You Walk Away


-The Man Who Would Speak True

junglelove over 6 years ago

YAY the forum is fixed :D

Trapper Team
Matt over 6 years ago

Was it broken? Apologies if it was!

music_addict over 6 years ago

Matt, im unable to edit my post.....the screen doesnt load....and i cant view past the first page

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