Field Rexx with wrong tracks?

ajs 5/18/09

Hi! Anyone come across Field Rexx with the tracks from Wild Mountain Nation by mistake? The packaging and image on the CD are correct but all of the tracks are from Wild Mountain Nation.


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marty 5/18/09

Hey Alan (and others who bought the Field Mtn disc),

So we found out last week that the new pressing of Field Rexx featured the music of Wild Mountain Nation like you report. As far as we can tell our distributor shipped just 77 of these before we caught the error, really sorry about this.

The retailer from whom you bought the disc should be aware of the recall and give you your money back or equivalent. Or you could hang on to the disc as a future collector's piece, knowing that there are at maximum just another 75 of these floating around somewhere.

scooparrilli 7/1/09

I too came across this when I checked out the Field Rexx CD from my local public library. I guess I'll have to pony up the dough and buy it. Really looking forward to seeing the band play at Pitchfork! Good luck!

MorningCoffee 7/3/09

the fact that Rexx is even at your local library is pretty kick ass.

I can't even find any place to buy music outside of the city other than Barnes and Noble...what a joke.

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