Furr 10 year anniversary edition

junglelove II 6/19/18
mistercharlie 6/19/18
I ordered it as soon as I got the Bandcamp email telling me it was for sale! Super stoked to hear the second disc. I have a few of those songs on 7's, but there's plenty of new stuff I've never heard from my favorite era of BT.
Parabola7001 6/20/18
Looks like there is a green color pressing of this as well that is limited to 500 copies. 
junglelove II 6/21/18
The sub pop link has two preview tracks. Like the t-shirt too - entire album shows aren't my thing but enjoy if you are going.
munkymufin1 6/21/18
Just bought mine.  I can't believe it's been over ten years that BT has been my favorite band.  I think of all the places I've lived and traveled; all the countries that I've listened to them or sung their tunes.  All the girls I've made go to concerts with me.  These guys are just the best.  I can't imagine life without having their songs as a soundtrack!

ALL LOVE to you, gentlemen.
mistercharlie 7/6/18
I see that it is now being sold as 'Signed edition' if you pre-order. Will those of us who pre-ordered before it was announced that it will  be signed get ours signed? No biggie, if not, I already have a signed Wild & Reckless. Just thought I'd ask.
Parabola7001 7/8/18
I didn't see anywhere that it was going to be signed. Can you point to where you read that?

Edit: I see that it does state signed on the shop for the website. That is a good question for those of us that pre ordered prior to it being put up on the site.
Parabola7001 7/9/18
I asked on twitter. It appears those that preordered prior to it being added to the store will not get a signed copy. Just info for those that have.


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