Furr - Harmonica Tab and Key

w7lo. 4/30/13


I am trying to play the song Furr with some of my friends.  I am a novice on harmonica but I am trying to figure out the harmonica part, but I am having some trouble.  Can someone please tell me what key harmonica to use, and where I can find a tab, or at least what the notes are?  I've been scouring the internet for tabs, but no luck.

Thank you.

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michael.james 5/29/13

I think it's a D harp. The guitar is capo'd at the fifth. I think. I should pay attention to such things I suppose.

Bergschrund 5/31/13

Funny how I remembered this post last night as you guys were getting ready to play Furr.  He had the capo on the seventh fret.  Great show, by the way.  The WOW Hall seemed like the perfect venue and Denver was a treat of an opening act, although it probably made for a long night of playing for Eric.  Looking forward to round two tonight - headin' North from Springfield in a few hours!


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michael.james 6/4/13

Yes! The 7th fret capo! Thanks Bergschrund. I must admit that I usually only see the back of Eric's guitar. But I'm darn sure the song is in the key D as the only chords in the song are D, G and A.

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