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conman 2/3/09

Has anyone tabbed out the breakdown from "Saturday Night"? Any advice on where to get started would be appreciated. Thanks!

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marty 2/10/09

The breakdown part (where the sha-na-na vocals come in and there's a banjo solo) is just Dm and G.

The rest of the song is made up of bizarro chords, not even Earley can name them. The acoustic guitar on the recording is playing mostly octaves on the verse, sort of a riff. I don't know how to write a tab, but the notes of the riff are B-AB-DB-A-G[ABC]G-[FGA]-B, then repeat without that walk-up at the end, just go down to Dm and the chorus or breakdown (brackets signify triplets here).

OK, good luck!

olde_october_love 2/13/09

Does anyone know the chords for "Not Your Lover"? I am obviously not very musically inclined so any help would be awesome

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