gatorbutts 6/16/09

Curious as to what others think that have heard the various Garmonbozia self-released stuff. I've really enjoyed listing to it and feel it is an important chapter in this great band's evolution.

Seriously, if I could buy stock in BT I would load up. People need to hear this music - it restores my faith in modern music.

MorningCoffee 7/14/09

This stuff is fantastic gatorbutts. Been meaning to get back to you and the forum about it but haven't had the time to write anything worthwhile.

The one thing that jumps out as me is how polished sounding a lot of the stuff is. Ready for the big leagues...I'd buy the 45's in a heartbeat, haha. Still have a lot of listening to do but the Duble Pepy Majik stuff so far is my fav.

steve mock 8/13/09

I'd love to let you know what I think... if I could get some!!!

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