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flyguy 10/29/09

Is there any way to still get any or all audio from the Garmonbozia days? Me thinks me needs more music... Thanks!

gatorbutts 10/29/09

Email me at daniel AT battagliagroup DOT com

Eugenia 10/29/09

Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day, and I think that a digital-only release by the Trappas on iTunes, as a single album release (meaning, all the band's 20-30 or so songs for $10) would be great. Maybe even accompanied with a PDF (iTunes can do that) that shows which songs belonged to what album. And maybe 1-2 hi-res pictures of the band from back then on the PDF too. Maybe this release would be perfect to fill up the "space" between now and the new album next year!

I mean, surely some of these songs are out there on torrents, but I prefer to buy and support the band (I've spent about $1500 on iTunes this year alone for music). I am pretty sure Eric would like a brand new 50" HDTV to watch Firefly & LOST all day long while on hiatus. ;-)

flyguy 10/30/09

Many thanks Daniel!

Eugenia 10/30/09

Yeah, well, I prefer to buy rather than pirate.

Trappers, any input on this? Is there a chance that the Garmonbozia music will become available to buy, or should I just go ahead and pirate it too? It's a simple question. ;-)

flyguy 10/31/09

Just for clarification, streaming is not pirating. Thanks.

Band Member
marty 10/31/09

The thing about garmonbozia was that none of those recordings were ever sold (with the exception of a few silk-screened cdrs at the last gmbz show in may 2003) so its not pirating if you can still wrangle those songs somehow. I had this crazy idea in those days that if we just gave away the music it would viralize and soon the whole world would know about it. But it seems that if you give away music then people assume it's worthless; chalk up another point for realism vs idealism.

Anyway we will undoubtedly release a box set of "early recordings" some day but not in the near future. So please, trade this old stuff to yr hearts content.


Eugenia 10/31/09

Marty, I hear you. Thank you for the info!

Please let me share one of the stories my 3rd grade Greek teacher told us at school: Back in the 1820s, potatoes were still not popular in Greece (although they were started to be in the rest of Europe, after Europeans had being introduced to them by the native Americans). Because that 1820s era found Greece as a newfound country surrounded by war (after 400 years under the Ottoman Empire), the people were hungry. So that new Greek government tried to import potatoes to feed them.

Unfortunately, people at the time were not very hot in the idea of trying new foods. The government tried to convince people that potatoes were great to eat, but no one wanted to try them! So they devised a plan, playing with the psychology of [some of] the ravaged-by-war people back then: they took back all the potatoes from the market, put them in a big storage house, and put lots of guards around! And then they told the Athenians to not go there, because the potatoes are meant to be for the King and the soldiers.

When some of the Athenians heard that, they couldn't help themselves. They went out at night to STEAL them! If there was some value in guarding these so called potatoes, then there would be some value stealing them -- they thought. Of course, the guards were instructed to turn a blind eye on the thieves! It was all part of the plan. So potatoes got stolen, people cooked them, they liked them, and eventually they became widespread in the Greek cuisine.

Now, that was 1820s, but the story might -- or might not -- still have an application in your market. ;-)

flyguy 11/1/09

Dear Marty And BT:

Thank you for the potatoes.



dvp 11/2/09

Thanks Marty. Good to know.

spikewilbury 12/4/09

Since we have Marty's blessing on this, did anybody find a good torrent of this?

gatorbutts 6/27/10

Here is a great Garmonbozia radio show performance from 2002:·cid M·odulation KPSU December 27,

GrangerLang 6/27/10

Wow, nice find, gator!

papaphreaky 7/23/10

I have the entire collection of Garmonbozia recordings in my music library. I downloaded them 7-8 years ago - they were available for free download. They are in ogg vorbis format, as provided. These are still some of my favorite recordings: "iBOOM!", "1940", "Duble Pepy Majic Plus+", "Perm, Porn and the Gestalt", "R L", "The Omnibus and the Baker's Man", and "Tremolopsi". 

I do not know how various stakeholders feel about this music being shared, but my assumption is that because I downloaded for free with no license agreement, that I am able to share with a few folks. Contact me [email protected]

Please, someone correct me if I am wrong. 

AmshMisfit 8/5/10

any artwork available for these?

steve mock 8/9/10

Thought many would enjoy this Garmonbozia rendition of "Lover Leave Me" which appears on DotV and apparently dates back to 1940. Props if you can make it through. Trippy.

Lover Leave Me


gatorbutts 8/9/10

It is nice indeed.  I posted that here a month ago:

Not sure it dates back to the year 1940, although it originally appeared on Garmonbozia's self-released album titled "1940" which I believe was recorded around year 2000.

edit: your joke was not lost on me, Mock ;)

gatorbutts 8/9/10

You should also check out the original version of "Sadie", which Garmonbozia previously recorded on "Boom!".

steve mock 8/9/10

Good job. That was a little joke, sir. :)

Aaron Hayman 4/6/13

Hey there... I was in a band called Manta sometime in the early oughts who played a show in Portland and this place Berbatis. Garmonbozia was on the bill with us and I thought the band was great... really great. The other folks in the band seemed less impressed, but I think that was more due to a competition thing than anything else. Anyway, you folks were giving away a CD and though I played it a far bit many years ago (the CD was great too... as well as the show), I sort of forgot about it and only much later did I hear that the band I saw was basically Blitzen Trapper. I became a fan of BT too and though I haven't even thought of that Garmonbozia CD for a few years now, it occured to me that I still have it, pulled it out and it still sounds really nice... listening to it now. 

Also, I believe I have a drum kit that used to belong to your drummer... Nice kit, I use it all the time. 

Band Member
michael.james 4/13/13

Nice to meet you again Aaron. Though I don't remember the show, I definitely remember the name Manta. We did some kooky stuff musically back then, but the kernel of what became BT was definitely in there - glad you still like the stuff.

charliewired 12/14/14

Can anyone please help me find the garmonbozia stuff??? I tried the gatorbutts email provided but gb seems to have moved on... I could potentially trade music, or reward in other ways ... please let me know...



gatorbutts 12/17/14

I'm still around.  Shoot me an email at this address.  daniel AT battagliagroup DOT com

charliewired 12/19/14

thnx gb i'll hit you up!



charliewired 4/18/15

Been digging on this material for a while now - BT should consider rereleasing this stuff.... I know much of it made it onto BT records but some real gems slipped through....



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