Gram Parsons event stream April 5

GrangerLang 4/2/12

The Gram Parson Foundation event the Trappers played in Austin a couple weeks back is going to be streamed at on April 5 @ 6pm EST. Cory Chisel, Poor Moon, and a bunch of other great bands played as well, should be good watchin'!  

There's a preview of BT playing intercut with an interview w/Eric here:

rudolph trapper 4/2/12

no new album for a couple of years?!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blitzface 4/3/12

Like a punch in the gut right there.  

Maybe they are putting out the much talked about 'box set' to hold the fans over for a couple of years.  

junglelove 4/5/12

Sounded like he was chuckling when he said it. Must be time for a live album anyway.

rudolph trapper 4/5/12

its not something to be joked about. this is a serious matter. this band is here to serve us, not take 2 year hiatuses! kinda joking but not really.


OCDBT4ME 4/5/12

If it's written & demoed, can't we just have it now?  :).

I guess a live album would tide me over for a little while.  We're talkin' a double live album, right?

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