jeronimo 8/28/11

How did youguys learn guitar? does classic theory help a lot? or did you more just teach yourselves through songs? Thanks, youguys put this option on your website so I nail you with these annoying questions.

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michael.james 8/31/11

Most of us were self-taught on the guitar. Eric is the only one of us to have classical guitar training which he did not begin until his later teens, after years of playing with his father and family. I had formal training on the piano as a child. Brian played the clarinet in grade school and Erik Menteer had experience on the viola as part of his high-school orchestra. All of us are fairly fluent on drums, guitar, bass and piano after jamming together for almost 20 years now.

Honestly, I think the best way to learn is to get together with friends and jam and learn from eachother. Music theory is fascinating on a scientific level and classical training will undoubtedly teach you proper technique but misses the point of what rock and roll is - pure heart and soul.

Hope that helps!

jeronimo 9/1/11

Hey! Thanks so much Michael! Its great to get your insight. I think jamming with one group of people for 20 years must be incredible.

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