Help w/ song "Heave Ho" Is it a new one?

walkinjingle about 11 years ago

BT played a great song in Denver this past Thursday that I didn't recognize. I would guess it's called, "Heave Ho" from the lyrics which also included, "Round and round, round it goes / where it's gonna stop, ain't nobody knows."

Is this a new song? Anyone know what it's called?


Beth about 11 years ago

That might be Big Black Bird which was on the EP they were selling at the merch booth for $5. They played it at the Philly show too and it was a very catchy tune. Not sure if you can get it anywhere else yet except at the merch booth.

Trapper Team
Matt about 11 years ago

Yeah, that's definitely Big Black Bird! Beth's right, we're only selling it at shows right now, but that could change at some point. Glad you enjoyed it!

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