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bhill 11/16/10

Hey all!

So I am in a rock history class and I chose Blitzen Trapper for my concert report because I LOVE THEM!  However, I am not very musical at all.  I have to answer the following questions - can anoyone help?!

1. Instrumentation used at concerts

2. timbre, melody, rhythm, form, etc. of about three songs (ANY OF YOUR FAVORITE SONGS)


bhill 11/16/10

Black River Killer would be a great one

And Furr

Band Member
michael.james 12/6/10

Hey bhill!

The instrumentation we use for BRK in concert is as follows:

acoustic guitar (capo), electric guitar (on later verses), drums (a pretty simple 4/4 pattern), electric bass, moog synthesizer (on the "gangsta" breaks), micro-korg synth (same melody as moog), tambourine. Again rhythm is 4/4. Form is AABACB, AAACB, AACCBB - A=verse, B=synth melody, C=chorus. Timbre is subjective so you decide that one.

Now that I've done half your homework for you, it's your turn to figure out "Furr"! (Actually, instrumentation is almost exactly the same, but replace electric guitar with 2nd acoustic, and replace korg with SP-404 samples of loons.)

peterjb 12/15/10

I thought I heard some Loons in there last time I saw you play. Any chance you got those off "Voices Of The Loon" narrated by Robert J. Lurtsema? It's a favorite of mine.

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