Heroes of Doubt from Furr Bonus Tracks

munkymufin1 9/12/18
Hey gang, the Furr 10th Anniversary is worth the price for the "Heroes of Doubt" track alone.  I can't believe I didn't know it existed before now.

It's wild to think that I've had over ten years of experiencing the magic of instantly falling in love with a song (Futures & Folly, Lady on the Water, Let the Cards Fall, War is Placebo, Big Black Bird, and on), but it's still so damn special every time it happens.  

To make this more a conversation and less an impassioned livejournal post, what Bonus tracks are you all falling in love with from the record?
OCDBT4ME 7/6/19
Heroes of Doubt is definitely the standout among BT bonus tracks. For such a well-crafted tune as this to be relegated to an album of leftovers solidifies the fact that BT is one of the greatest bands of our time.

Second to Heroes would have to be a tie between Shoulder Full of You and Big Black Bird off the Black River Killer EP. I think EE was just shedding one phenomenal tune after another during the Furr era. 

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