Hi-Dive DENVER! Setlist?

courtleigh 3/13/09

Hey all! I just saw BT last night at the Hi-Dive in Denver and it was AMAZING. It was the 3rd best concert I've ever been to! I just moved to Boulder and bought the ticket for the show when I was still back home in B-More and I saw they were playing here, and I am SO GLAD I did! I was the (possibly annoying, ha) girl up front taking lots of videos, so I'll upload those and share them if anyone wants to relive their Blitzen Trapper in Denver concert experience. I only got one full song though (Furr). Just wondering if anyone has the setlist! Thanks :)

walkinjingle 3/14/09

I second the set list request for the 3/12/09 Denver show. Great show, but I wish they'd played and encore to the sold-out crowd. Anyone tape the show? I didn't notice any microphones.

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