"Hold On"

junglelove 4/23/14

Will this RST release be in the online store anytime ? Or should I head to the dark net / ebay ?

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michael.james 5/2/14

We didn't receive any extras - they were all slurped up by the record stores. So yes, eBay or the likes might be the only bet. Sorry! We will have some older RSD material on our store this summer though. 

mojobaby75 5/2/14

No download code this time? Mine was a sealed copy and didn't have one.

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michael.james 5/5/14

There was no download included this time - sorry. But I'm making it up to you all now! Here it is:


Enjoy and thank you guys for supporting your local stores!

junglelove 5/6/14

Many many thanks Michael - most generous.

Both tracks are full of the "RAWK" :)

munichhilton 5/7/14

Fantastic! A Band that cares!

Thank you

junglelove 7/8/14

We will have some older RSD material on our store this summer though. 

Any news on this and or any further merch or audio releases now the tour is over ?

Looking to scoop up a t-shirt but international shipping is lest painful when you bundle up with other goodies.

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michael.james 7/14/14

Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. We'll be switching to a different online store at the end of this month so hopefully we'll have some of those extraneous goodies available in the next couple of months. 

82jp 10/17/15

Hi! I just realized that there wasn't a download code with "Hold On" and it looks like the link above doesn't work anymore. Any chance you could post those tracks again? I'd appreciate it!

bartisn 11/27/15

I just picked up my copy today and was hoping you guys could repost the download code! Thank you!

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michael.james 11/28/15

Oh! Here is a new link:


Let me know if this doesn't work for you! Enjoy!

bartisn 11/28/15

Perfect, thanks! Excellent job with this one, it sounds great!

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