HoTMoB arrival!

LiveBillieJean 5/8/24
My blue vinyl copy of HoTMoB showed up yesterday, ten days early! Guess it's a mistake by the distributor.  Giving it a listen. Anyone else get their preorder early? 
fabarmadillo 5/9/24
Someone else from this forum told me that he got it 4 days ago! We're both in the midwest, but no sign of mine yet. It was shipped on May 2. Did you get a tracking number for yours? Asking bc I didn't get one. 

(Edit) Update: I asked for my tracking #. Found out it was marked "delivered" a week ago (May 7). Lol. Fortunately the distributor was quick to ship me a second copy. Meanwhile, I reported the missing one to USPS.
J Love 14 days ago
Well write a review then ! :D

fabarmadillo 7 days ago
This might be an unpopular opinion. I think Eric has finally outdone Furr. In a good way. Like, until now, Furr was the only album, ever, that I could listen to more than 5 times on repeat. And then I listened to 100's of 1000's that much. I love how it's perfectly circular, too, like when I was at work and had it on repeat, I couldn't remember which song was the start or end, bc it can loop forever. When I first heard it (during the listening party) it was so amazing that I couldn't stop shaking and had to smother myself with my weighted blanket. I think my favorite song is "So Divine," but it's a tough choice because they're all so good.

Were any of you folks at the listening party?

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